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Parign Hak – Grandma´s Home

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Manu Biosphere Reserve

Reviewed on September 12, 2019. #1 of 66 Reviews

My week at Parign Hak is one of the most significant of my entire life. The amount of healing and transformation that occurred goes unparalleled to anything thus far for me. I felt like I was in a mini hospital with the highest qualified caretakers right at my side. Jessica respects this plant, the history of it, the Harakbut people and preserving their culture in a way that makes the whole experience feel fully legitimate. Parign Hak is as much about the local community as it is the guests. I felt I was somehow contributing to something bigger than myself. I can’t say enough about how powerful this little spot in the amazon is. The 3 meals per day were fantastic and my body had never functioned better. There is also quite a bit of free time to write, explore do whatever. I felt such a creative surge while I was there and actually got quite a bit of writing done. The only thing I could ask for is more time. I will definitely be back and bringing more people. I want people to experience the pure magic that is Parign Hak, Jessica Bertram and the team.
Highlights for me:
*Food is amazing and PURE
*During the ceremonies Jessica is 100% there for YOU and ready to assist you through ANYTHING. She is incredibly skilled and qualified in a way that not only releases patterns no longer serving but replaces them with power and love
*Vicki and her family see each of the guests as new family members and want to get to know you and your story so they can share theirs. It’s a loving and natural exchange that made me feel COMPLETELY at home
*During the week we saw 5 SPECIES of monkey
*Jessica has a personal relationship with the plants that exists in the amazon. This being said- she knows all the medicinal purposes and beyond which is fascinating. She’s very gracious with her extensive knowledge on all things amazon
*The little houses you stay in are quite comfortable and I have never slept so consistently well in my life
Just go and experience for yourself and be changed for the better.

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