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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on May 7, 2019. #1 of 68 Reviews

I did the 11 day retreat and so happy that I did!
My retreat included 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, several Kambo and San Pedro experiences, I also was able to experience Rapée, Sananga, a sweat lodge ceremony, Reiki attunement, yoga, meditation, fires at night and an incredible hike up the mountain to a stunning waterfall. I felt comfortable and safe during the entire retreat. Everything was optional and no questions asked if we chose to opt out, but I felt so much healing with each modality, that I jumped at every opportunity!

The place is GORGEOUS, surrounded by breathtaking mountains with a magnificent river flowing down with easy access just steps away from the rooms. There is a hot shower too, but I enjoy a rinse in the river to add another element to my healing 🙂
Paco’s music during the ceremonies was absolutely magical. For myself, I have a challenging time with surrendering but following the music and feeling it deep within my body was key to my successful journey with Mama Ayahuasca. The variety of instruments and harmonies played was not only impressive but helpful for setting the tone for my journey. The setting, the people, the vibe, everything was perfect!
This was my first experience doing any of these plant medicines, I had no idea what to expect and yet it exceeded all expectations! Looking forward to going back!

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