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Arkana Spiritual Center

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Iquitos and Sacred Valley in Peru

Reviewed on June 26, 2017. #1 of 373 Reviews

Ok, So I chose to experience the 3 week transformation package May-June 2017, I have to say without a doubt, it has changed my life! I felt the facilitator team was very professional, committed, hard working, joyful, offered the right guidance and support that was intuitive, accurate, and so helpful with my experience and journey, I feel so grateful for their knowledge, the way they held space, guidance and when they say “we are here for you” they mean it! I did pick their brains a lot, and it was all so spot on and I got to practice their advice/guidance and was blown away by the clarity and insight/healing I experienced through out my whole 3 week journey. The Shamans themselves were the humblest, cleanest, hardworking, powerful and committed human beings I have ever experienced in my 4-5 yrs of journeying with the medicine of Ayahausca. Their icaros was magical, effective, powerful, healing, ancient, beautiful, clarifying and so clean and offered me the safest place to do the healing work I needed to do to heal myself. I am so grateful and would highly recommend this team and this venue for deep work into relationship with self and plant medicine! Loved the food, accommodation, and excursions we got to experience exploring local village and surrounding jungle, it was awesome, I had fun and I worked hard and so did they!! My only criticism is that I think they have new management coming in and I think they want to upscale to making the retreat more like a hotel, and I think they will lose the rustic charm and appeal and will make a mistake doing that, I intuitively feel its to make more money, as I tried getting accommodation for one week in a simple(but lovely tambo) with no excursions, no medicine, just a room and food for 1 week and they were wanting nearly $900 US- I was shocked, this would be well over $1000 in Australian dollars and I just felt it was greedy and didn’t match cost for value and I was family right??? That’s just my opinion! (I got air flight tickets from Iquitos to Cuzco, accommodation for 1 week and many profound experiences for the same cost, now that was value for money!! Besides this when i chose to let go of staying and processing in stillness in the jungle, i am and would love to come back to the retreat center and am very grateful for what I experienced there. Thank you Arkana Spiritual Center for all the dedicated hard work that you do!! You all deserve the week off between 3 week retreat cycles to recharge and rest and focus on yourselves, without that, i feel it would be unbalanced and harder to give all that you do and the overall support and value you give would suffer and be felt by us all!! Thank you so much. Much love to you all. Sue Curtis ( how about you don’t moderate and just post???)

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