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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on May 27, 2018. #1 of 56 Reviews

I recently attended Pisatahua for a nine day retreat. I offer you my review of the elements that I believe are worth considering in your important choice.

Setting – Pisatahua’s remote location on a beautiful, wild lake in the Amazon jungle greatly helped me relax and further connect with nature. There are trails to hike and places to sit still, enveloped in true nature to reflect or meditate. Each night, the jungle came alive with rich sounds of wildlife. This played a big part for me in the ceremonies.

Facilities and activities – The center has been created with clear vision. The grand moloka overlooking the lake has a positive energy. It just felt right. Very comfortable and beautiful individual cabins allowed solitude as desired. The quality meals, hikes, boat tours, yoga, guided meditation, group discussions, and plenty of personal time all contributed very positively.

People – Organizers Erik and Sasha are a gift. They truely understand the beauty of Mother Ayahuasca and how to appropriately share that beauty with others. The staff and volunteers were exceptional in gently guiding and supporting guests. Absolutely wonderful people.

Ceremony – Words are not enough to describe this. My experience with the four ceremonies far beyond any of my expectations. The power, pure love, and beauty of Mother Ayahuasca is beyond imagination. The shaman’s presence and song took me to other worlds. I received crystal clear visions with profound, personal lessons.

Overall Experience – Exceptional. Life changing. Highly recommended.

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