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Casa Del Sol

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma), Kambo, Magic Mushrooms

Orillas del Río Uchima, Barrio Sacapo, Parroquia San Pedro de Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

Reviewed on September 10, 2018. #1 of 85 Reviews

I have had the great privilege of doing over 20 ceremonies with Santiago, and wholeheartedly recommend Casa Del Sol to anyone looking to improve their life in anyway.

When working with plant medicines, it is very important that we have a good guide, and I cannot recommend anyone higher than Santiago. He is a man of incredible integrity and wisdom. He cares very deeply about every person he works with. Santiago has walked the path for many many years, and has seen and experienced more than most of will ever appreciate. All this wisdom he shares with the people who come to him, and he does so with a deep love for all humans.

Santiago has taught me more than I could possibly express, and he has helped thousands of people in the same way. Everyone comes with different issues and areas to work on, and somehow, Santiago is able to give each person exactly what they need. He will challenge you when required, give you his profound love, and help you open the gates to the greatest mysteries of Life. He shows us the beauty of life, and teaches us how to live in a beautiful way.

I trust Santiago with my life. His work is service to Spirit, rendered with love for all humanity. We are truly blessed to have a teacher like him to guide us. I cannot imagine a greater gift to oneself than to work with this incredible man and his family. If you are considering going, PLEASE GO!

Good luck on your journey 🙂

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