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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on May 28, 2017. #1 of 239 Reviews

Words can not express how much gratitude I have for Christine, Salvador, Amalia, Sophia, Paulina, Jerry, and the staff of Gaia Sagrada. My experience was magical, miraculous, again, no words can describe how amazing it was.

The Shaman/Shamana’s are truly the most beautiful souls you will ever meet, inside and out. So kind, gentle, humble and yet so VERY POWERFUL and FULL of WISDOM. They are all true examples of what being a human should be, they all carry such wisdom and grace. Their work is their passion and I could truly feel how much they love what they do and how much love they have for the universe and man kind. That in itself is worth making the trip to Gaia Sagrada.

The experience I had with the medicine in combination with the wisdom and love of the Shamans was beyond miraculous, again, their are no words in the human vocabulary to describe how incredible it was. I followed my intuition and it led me to Gaia Sagrada and now I know why. The combination of Ayahuasca, San Pedro and the wisdom of the shaman/Shamanas felt like the perfect balance of what I needed. I could truly feel the difference between the powerful healing feminine energy of ayahuasca and the powerful healing masculine energy of San Pedro. Aya gave me back my power and San Pedro showed me how to harness it.

The Sweat lodge was my FAVORITE ceremony, it truly opened me up to the feeling of being one with the universe. It gave me the sense that those who are called to do this medicine are not just called to heal themselves but also called to heal the universe.

Christine REALLY cares about the work done at Gaia Sagrada, she genuinely wants to heal the universe. She truly loves the people who come to the retreat, as well as the people that work for her and with her, she LOVES everyone. I could feel her deep desire to heal the planet, and change the world with the work she does at Gaia Sagrada and I truly believe she is making a huge difference with her wisdom and compassion.

Jerry is the manager and he too works magic, he truly has passion for what he does He is a hard working man who keeps the place running smoothly, and like an Olympian he makes it seem effortless.

The staff is mostly made up of volunteers, and they are all beautiful souls who truly care about what they do and why they are doing it. The food is excellent, the facilities are beautiful, clean and cozy. The setting is absolutely gorgeous, Ecuador is truly magical. I stayed in the dorm and really enjoyed it.

The participants are amazingly courageous people, the best people you will EVER meet! It is inspiring to meet people willing to travel so far to face so many fears. This work is NOT easy, but well WORTH it. I witnessed many people transform tremendously in such a short time period. It is so beautiful to see so many lights turn on with in the human soul. People literally look like different people after they take the medicine. When they smile now it is truly from their soul.

My time at Gaia Sagrada was truly transformative. I will probably come back to edit this review because words are failing me. But I wanted to express my gratitude TO Everyone especially Salvador, Amalia, Sophia, Paulina, Christine, Jerry, And all the fire keepers, Francesco, Chad and especially Nora and Jayson, two VERY talented beautiful souls. Also the Staff and ANYONE who is willing and courageous enough to travel to Ecuador to experience the miracles that Gaia Sagrada provides.

I want to give a special thanks to Paulina for coming to the sweat Lodge Ceremony, her presence really amped up the magic of the day. I was disappointed I wasn’t going to be able to work with her and experience her shamanic healing, so when she showed up It truly felt like a gift from God.

For anyone reading this contemplating taking the medicine, and it is leading you to Gaia Sagrada have faith that there is a beautiful reason for it. Gaia Sagrada is a a life changing experience.

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