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Reviewed on November 15, 2017. #1 of 67 Reviews

Dear Lance,
Although your review comes to us over a year and half after your last retreat with us we are sure there is value in it, as with all reviews. We love and appreciate all of our members and are always open to hear suggestions on where we could use improvement.

Please accept our sincere apology we are truly sorry to hear you had a negative experience. When you were with us almost 2 years ago we were operating as a different organization, at that time we were Soul Quest of ONAC which we are no longer. We are now Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth and much has changed since that time. Over a year and half ago, we relocated our church to a more spacious and accommodating property on 5 acres of land. We have a new staff with a new set of staff guidelines which we adhere to very strictly, we also have several new private accommodations to create a more comfortable experience for our ever growing group of members.

When you were here last, we were a brand new church with much growing to do and as with anything that has never been done there are always mistakes to be learned from and growing pains along the way. We are often making changes to better our Church and the Services that we offer to our human family. Since we changed locations and became Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth we have had over 500 ceremonies at our new location and have been blessed to be able to help many members get much needed healing. Even though we do not claim to be holding strictly traditional ceremonies such as you would find Peru, Brazil and throughout South America we often have visiting Medicine Men and Women come to guide and teach us. Our Peruvian Shaman Maestro Gaspar, who has well over 40 years of experience, visits us quarterly to lead workshops and to share the teachings of Grand Mother Ayahuasca. You can be sure that our staff and members are ALWAYS learning and growing!

Soul Quest was founded with the vision to make Ayahuasca available to all souls who are called to experience her transformative healing as she spreads outside of the Amazon Basin. Before, during and after every one of our ceremonies we do our best to go above and beyond to make sure everyone of our members feels safe, loved and at home. Furthermore, we keep our phone lines open to all who may need assistance with their integration process once they return home. Our wish is that everyone whose life has been touched by Soul Quest will find and maintain true transformative healing within themselves and within their lives.
Once again we are deeply sorry your experience was less than ideal and we would love for you to come join us for Ceremony in the future so that you can experience for yourself how much Soul Quest has grown. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. May Your Journey Be Blessed.

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