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El Triunfo, peru

Reviewed on June 9, 2017. #1 of 33 Reviews

I spent a week at DAS Center in February 2017. It was my first time ever.. my first experience with Ayahuasca.. One week in that center means 3 ceremonies..
I also was believing and expecting from our shaman to spend more time with his guests, answer to our questions, calm down our worries, fears and anxieties, guide us, help us when we need and be more presented.. But Percy said his little daughter is having some serious health problem and she is staying in a hospital. So, he apologised and warned us that he will be presented for only a few hours during first ceremony and will leave us to his helper in the middle of it.. We totally understood him, as his reason seemed to be really very serious and we were feeling sorry for him and his little daughter. The portion I’ve got at the first ceremony was or too small, or not concentrated enough, but it didn’t make any effect to me.. Or maybe it should be like this, maybe I wasn’t ready yet.. maybe shaman or/and Pacha Mama know better what is better for me.
Percy didn’t come to the second ceremony at all. His helper Sarah said his daughter is still not well and she – Sarah will replace him and conduct the ceremony. The ayahuasca she gave me seemed to be very light, even lighter than the first one I had during the first ceremony. I didn’t have any particular effect again.
Percy was presented at the third and last ceremony for me ..and it was totally different performance and action. Percy was playing more various musical instruments, Sara was singing different icaros putting more power and soul to her voice and it was magnificent, wonderful! I don’t know what happened, maybe ayahuasca I drunk this time was also different, but I entered to the trance and started to see and to get what I needed.
I don’t know what is the right behaviour for a shaman, as I didn’t have any experience before. I just could say, I would like him more presented, more talking to me.. but I definitely was happy with the diet we had there, with special herbal tea we were receiving there every morning, with his helpers and especially with the other guests I met there. They all are more experienced people who have been stayed in other centres as well and so they can compare. They all were saying: Percy is the best healer. And I never saw Percy to behave inappropriately toward any woman in that center..

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