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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on April 14, 2019. #1 of 420 Reviews

If you are looking for a supportive and welcoming atmosphere for an ayahuasca retreat, you can’t go wrong with Arkana. You will seriously be in great hands.

I stayed at Arkana in the amazon rainforest this past December at their new years retreat, and I have nothing but gratitude and love for the staff, facilitators, and shamans. The facility was very clean, and the food is healthy and delicious. There were daily yoga classes which were very enjoyable. The jungle itself is such a beautiful setting, and being able to be right in the midst of this incredible ecosystem is something special. The excursions are a fun break from the plant medicine work, though you can skip them if you choose. I ended up skipping one to be able to relax and do some reflection and journaling ahead of my last ayahuasca session.

The plant medicines were potent, and the shamans really do know what they are doing. The experience itself is otherworldly – much of it is ineffable and hard to describe, but the shamans help to guide you by explaining the significance of your experiences. This is really helpful – I took many pages of notes while I was on my retreat to capture my experience, and I find I am still learning new things as I continue my process of integration. And I most certainly feel like I came back a changed person – the medicine taught me so much about myself, and helped me purge unhelpful and toxic thoughts and emotions which were bottled up inside me.

If you’re on the fence about doing sapo – I highly recommend it! It was one of the most powerful and meaningful experiences I’ve ever had. And I felt like it really helped me with my subsequent ayahuasca sessions as well.

All in all – I highly recommend Arkana in the amazon. You’ll meet great people from around the world, experience learning and personal growth, and get to take in the incredible beauty of the rainforest. I am very grateful for the time I got to spend there!

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