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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on November 26, 2018. #1 of 97 Reviews

Two Years back I heard about Ayahuasca for the first time, and I started to investigate the topic over a few months. I stumbled across Graham Hancock, Terence MacKenna, and many others and was very fascinated by the possibilities that plant medicine has on offer. It was one of the deep Testimonials on Youtube that then brought me to Nimea Kaya. I quickly went over to the Nimea Kaya Website and knew instantly, that this is the right place for me. So I decided to go there and booked my first Ayahuasca retreat. And what a good decision this has been!

I am 40 Years old, and I come from Basel, Switzerland. I have led a troubled life so far, and I am on a search for my roots for a long time. I lived most of my life in one of the „happiest“places on earth, but struggling all my life. I could never find any resolve for my deep longing for spirituality and it seemed hopeless for me to find my place in this world. Long ago I lost my contact to. religion and I could never join the materialistic world view. So I was hanging in the air, not really knowing where to go for answers. So there was a good portion of desperation that made me undertake this long journey.

I was looking forward so much to my retreat and counted the days until I finally left Switzerland on the long haul to Peru. I have never left Europe before. so the journey itself was something special. After the two day journey I arrived on the 29th November 2017 in the humid and hot jungle and was imediatley taken in by the strong nature the other group members the premises and the staff that accompanied us over the nine days.

I was deeply touched by the surroundings and the group that found the way to Peru. I was anxiously awaiting the first ceremony, not knowing what to expect. I could not formulate an intention, so I just opened up for whatever mother Ayahuasca would have on offer for me.

The ceremonies are led by a pair of expirienced shamans and facilitated by the staff of Nimea Kaya. I was deeply touched by the Purpose and the wisdom, Knowledge, with which the holy circle has been opened in the beautiful Malokka, the ceremonial house. After we have been served with our glass of Ayahuasca, the group awaited in silence for the medicine to start working. We all entered a space, where time as we know it start s to warp and bend. After some time in silence with just one lit candle in the center, mother Ayahuasca started to do her work on the group. Every Individual got touched and moved in exactly the appropriate way. In my case the purge was swift and tit signaled the moment the medicine set in.

The shamans started their singing, and adressing every one of us. By the time they reached my position the group has turned into one heaving, breathing, moaning and moving organism and I was an integral part of it. The queasiness has left me, and I could see the notes the shamans were singing as brightly lit patterns emanating from them. As the shamans sang for me I could completely understand the meaning of the message, my whole body lit up.

Initially I was afraid, that I might fall into a deep dark hole, because I always felt, that I carry so much darkness in me. The touch I got was like a warm hand on my heart and I felt that the light from the single candle in the room flowed directly into my heart. My heart was the space that needed love, I stopped listening to it a long time ago.

In this first ceremony I just felt the warmth in my belly and felt the intense love from Mother Ayahuasca flowing in, spreading all through my body getting stronger and stronger all through the expirience. My anxiety has evaporated and whenever I purged, an angel in white appeared and swiftly changed my bowl. The purging was always a release and made me feel lighter and lighter.

In the ceremonies the support of the staff is as important as the healing work the shamans do. They are dressed in white, and I was just simply amazed by their skill and purpose with which they fulfilled their tasks. So the group was constantly under their carefull watch, and when the need arose, they would be there to help and support.

At one point a group member had a rough patch (we later in integration found out, what process he went through, and it was not nearly as bad as it sounded in the ceremony). The episode was very vocal, and the voice was changed in a manner I could not figure out, who it was. And then there was this angelic voice chiming in. It was a member of the staff, who started to sing a song to help calming down the troubled soul warrior, and then a second voice tuned in. And it was this beautiful singing, that set the energies in the group straight again and soothed the troubled group member in the nicest way possible, and soon the group was one round single body again.

I left the ceremony early and spent a long time sitting on my porch, listening to the jungle and a message came to me, that brought tears to my eyes. I understood, that the narrative I myself kept repeating in my interior dialog about myself, had to be readjusted, because it is not true. I always saw myself as a toxic character, and as a safety measure, I kept everyone at a distnce to prevent any hurt I might cause. Therefore my favoured distance to fellow human beings always had been minimum an arms length. This included friends my family, my longtime girlfriend, and it is the reason I dont have children of my own but this now might change. This realization set a new dynamic in motion, that keeps working in me, even as I am back in Switzerland again. I finally could let go of this destructive narrative about myself, with which I locked myself away from this world. This had been a life changer, and people around me noticed the difference, even tough they did not know about my journey to Peru.

In the following ceremonies I had the chance to deepen this new found land, and I found out that I can do magic with my hands. They not only are made to make Music and Art, but also for healing. The most important lesson I got from a staff member, Mohammad: It is our breath, that is the key. In every situation in life, especially the difficult ones, we can always ride trough on our breath. These words still ring in me, and I keep using this in my daily life with great success.

I can strongly recommend going to Nimea Kaya to anyone who has heard the call of Mother Ayahuasca. It is just the right place to go for a spiritual deep dive that will change Your outlook and life in the best of ways in a guarded and safe environment.

The whole nine days are perfectly structured to guide the group through this fragile, vulnerable and precious metamorphosis. The food and the contact to the staff members, as well as the exchanges with the fellow members of the group are integral part of the journey. I left the jungle with tears in my eyes, because I knew, that never in my life I will see this beautiful group of spiritual Ninjas in one place again. We now are spread all over the world, and we now have a important task to help the world heal itself by being strong in our energy.

The retreat has opened many doors and I found new levels in myself and my life. The real work definitely starts after the retreat. It is the integration work in everyday life where the real change takes place and continues to do so. Ayahuasca definitely is nothing for the faint hearted but it is a catalyst to bring you into contact with yourself and the spiritual realm in a way that will help you to reset the course of your life. Be courageous.

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