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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on January 15, 2019. #1 of 107 Reviews

It is with such pleasure that I reflect on my experience at Nimea Kaya. I attended a 9 day retreat there in December 2017. For a while I had been wanting to go to Peru and sit with the medicine but I was scared about going there and not being supported properly on my journey. From the moment I learned about Nimea Kaya, I knew it was exactly where I needed to go. I had met someone, who is now one of my closest friends, who was serving at Nimea Kaya. He told me about the people, the facility, and the mission of healing so many people and the world. Just listening to him talk about it, I knew it was a special place and I knew that I had to go.

When I finally arrived, I felt like I was at home. I was greeted by friendly faces, delicious food, and a tranquil environment. I stayed in the most beautiful room, with a big bed, and plenty of privacy to rest and rejuvenate. The facility itself is impeccable. Everything is taken care of with love and intention. The plants were all alive and thriving and each person who worked there had a genuine excitement for being there and doing this work. My favorite part about being there was the elements of integration that we had. It wasn’t that we were just doing this very intense ceremonies, but we had time to integrate our healing and have a deeper understanding of what we were experiencing and what others in the space were too. I think is crucial to being able to take the work that we do on retreat and live it fully when we return back to our normal lives.

It was amazing, I did not have the intention of going on this retreat to make life long friends, but in the process I had. I had met people from all over the world, who had meaning, depth, and purpose to them. And together, we helped one another understanding ourselves in such powerful ways. What I liked about the retreat is that it was both scheduled and flexible. I never felt that I was in summer camp but I did feel supported in a well organized flow that helped me to navigate my experience. I would truly recommend going to Nimea Kaya if you are looking for a safe, reliable, grounded, community oriented experience. Jill and Casey truly know what they are doing and are doing it from a place of deep love and respect for this Universe and beyond.

Below I have attached a piece of writing that I composed after my journey to give you an idea of what I experienced and learned while I was at Nimea Kaya and the type of container they hold there to make such incredible transformations possible.

It’s hard for me to put into words what’s happened to me these last few weeks. I’ll start by saying that I’m so incredibly grateful to be alive. I’m grateful for the plants and the wisdom that they share with us. I’m grateful for my friends and family, new and old, who see me for who I am and help me to shine bright. And I’m grateful to be a part of this universe and the shifts we are experiencing right now. As part of my journey to Peru I spent nine days in the Amazon jungle doing four ayahuasca ceremonies and putting in work. My first ceremony showed me the gift of love that I’ve been given and the gift of the breathe I have and helped me to solidify visions and questions I had about my role in this universe and my community.

My second ceremony threw me straight into the darkest depths of the universe, into cars with people being killed by the police, scenes of indigenous communities being destroyed, woman being raped and children being killed. To be able to just get a glimpse into what kind of violence and trauma this earth and its inhabitants have experienced and are continuing to experience was an honor and helped me to clarify the work that still needs to be done and the importance of healing in this path. It helped me to not just know that this is all happening but to feel these things in the depths of my soul, imprinted there, no longer able to ignore or numb these things out.

My third ceremony showed me how to use the gift of love for power. I was taught how to love myself first and foremost, tossing and turning and making love with the universe all night long, charging myself up with love better than any lover ever could. And once I spent hours doing that the universe asked me if I was ready to share this gift. I said yes and was able to work with each persons energy in the room dancing in front of them and sending love to each and everyone. Working with energy is a dance and I love to move and groove with it.

There were times in which bullets would come at me in ceremony and with the emanation of love that left my being I was able to redirect the bullet back where it came from to kill whatever evil parts of that being was present, usually helping that person to shed layers of themselves until they were standing there a child, completely free of the baggage they gained in this life and being seen for who they truly are. I had visions of all of us standing in our power, feet grounded, core strong, and love pouring out of our being it was so strong we were able to do anything with it. In this ceremony I stepped into my power as a divine feminine being, radiating the light from my womb space that turned me into a true warrior of love. However with this divine feminine power I experienced the attraction and attention that it pulls in and in ceremony four I was taught the importance of protecting our woman and keeping them safe.

This is no joke, we must stand together as a family, and keep each other strong, love and protect one another. When the divine feminine is strong, the toxic masculinity gets scared and tries to evade, I have had many experiences of that in my life and the hard way I have learned the practice of creating boundaries and how to be discerning. I’m grateful to the women and men in my life who stand by side and protect me. Love is a beautiful thing but with the amplification of love we must be careful in how we are sharing it and with what intentions we are navigating with.

Right now we have only scratched the surface of this power of love. I know there is a lot of rhetoric around love and it being the answer and that sounding simplistic or naive, but love isn’t easy, it’s one of the hardest practices we have, but when were aligned with the divine and guided by spirit, it will flow through us without the blockages of fear and doubt. We have a lot of work to do my friends, so please take the time out to breathe, take the time out to heal, take the time out to feel into the trauma this earth is carrying, and most importantly take the time out to really understand the power of your love. Much love and light to all, more posts and such to come as I process and understand more each and every day. I ask you to hold me accountable to this practice of love, I’m already struggling a bit, but each time I fall, I get up stronger, I’m reaching out my hand for yours so we can walk each other home.

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