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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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Spirit Vine, Itacare, BA, Brazil

Reviewed on April 18, 2018. #1 of 160 Reviews

This was my first experience with sacred plant medicine. Over the past 15 years I have studied yoga, meditation and various healing techniques and now quite unexpectedly Mother Aya was calling.
I researched Ayahuasca on the web and as soon as I discovered Spirit Vine, I knew that this was the place. Some of my friends were shocked and feared for me as a single female travelling alone in Brazil, let alone drinking an illegal brew. However, they need not have feared. I felt cradled and protected by the Universe throughout my whole time in Brazil. This was a spiritual quest that ended up being the adventure of a lifetime.
I arrived at Spirit Vine after a very long travel day involving taxis, buses and a ferry. Driving into a flower filled garden with manicured lawns was heavenly and I immediately relaxed. Everything was way beyond my expectations.

There were 16 of us on the retreat – a full house (11 men, 5 women across 12 nationalities). The group was diverse and very harmonious. Over the next 8 days we opened our hearts, shared secrets, traumatic experiences and deep, deep healings.

I loved the rhythm of each day – on Ceremony days: 7.30am yoga, 9am breakfast, beach, lunch,
workshop, a couple of hours sleep and 10.30pm ceremony (ending at sunrise).

The next day would be a leisurely breakfast followed by an art session, lunch, sharing of our experiences, dinner and a movie.

Silvia and Rohan provide the perfect partnership for facilitating the course. During the workshops, Silvia with her background in Clinical Psychology and extensive experience facilitating retreats would help us to cut to the core of the issues that we each faced, shining a clear light on the source of what, why and how?

Rohan is an old soul full of wisdom, humour and deep insight. He was always smiling and willing to help, yet also firm when needed.

Together, they created a private universe in which we could safely open our hearts and be vulnerable. I felt safe and protected throughout all of my journeys.

Overall this has been, a hugely life affirming experience for which I am enormously grateful and highly recommend to anyone who is ready to do the inner work (which although a powerful and deeply healing process is not necessarily easy). I left feeling open hearted, free spirited and comforted knowing that there is a new tribe of friends with whom I can continue to share and learn.

I walk my path with a firmer resolve and deeper understanding of what I need to do next. The programming kinks from past lifetimes have been unveiled and now I can set to work on them. My heart is open and I feel deeply connected to the Universe.

I am still in awe of how much was achieved in just 9 days. Aya is an amplifier that sheds light on your unconscious shadow state. If you are ready to do the inner work, look no further. Spirit Vine provides the full holistic experience with expert facilitation, luxurious accommodation, delicious food, Atlantic rainforest back drop and idyllic beaches nearby. It really has it all. As I sit here writing this, I’m already contemplating when I might return…..

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