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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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Spirit Vine, Itacare, BA, Brazil

Reviewed on September 17, 2019. #1 of 160 Reviews

It’s now a week after the retreat and I’m still buzzing from how amazing my time was at Spirit Vine! Going into an Ayahuasca experience for the first time, I had a lot of nervous energy and emotions. I didn’t know what exactly to expect and I had a lot of expectations on areas of my life I wanted “fixed”.  My nerves were quickly calmed as soon as I stepped onto the Spirit Vine grounds. This place is a true oasis. There’s a beautiful pond in the middle of the grounds where participants can float, swim, and relax. I spent a lot of my days laying by the pond or diving into it –so much healing in just relaxing and meditating by the water! 
Silvia who founded the retreat is the most amazing, wise, and pure soul you will meet! The center and program she has built is incredible. Her and Ti0, who facilitates the retreat with her, were incredibly kind, generous, thorough, and genuinely put you at ease going into, and during, the experience. We had incredible workshops before the ceremonies that really helped get to your essence and unleashing our unlimited potential. I really loved that there were therapeutic components built into the experience. For me personally, these workshops primed the experiences that I had during the ceremonies and helped me to dig a layer deeper. It was also really empowering to share our journeys afterward and listen to others as well. Our days were so well organized and helped cultivate an amazing energy for the ceremonies at night. 
In addition to the beautiful grounds, you will meet the most amazing people at the retreat. I feel like I have close friend’s all over the world now and am so grateful to Silvia for creating this space for people of all walks of life to come together to improve themselves and be there to support each other. I’m completely overwhelmed by all the love and light I feel after the retreat, and am so looking forward to making this a yearly tradition. I can’t recommend a more a supportive, loving, peaceful, and safe environment for your aya experience! 

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