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Reviewed on April 25, 2017. #1 of 48 Reviews

I’ve recently come back from a 10-day stay at Chakra Alegria, where I did a solitary Uchu Sanango diet along with two ayahuasca ceremonies. I’m reasonably experienced with ayahuasca and have dieted other plants before, so I’d like to share with you what I feel makes the work here so good, and why I’ll be returning to Chakra Alegria again the next time I go to Peru.

The first aspect is so basic, but so important – the location! Chakra Alegria is deliberately located as far from the road, the local villages and Iquitos as is reasonably possible. Sound carries a long way over the jungle and it’s rare to find a centre that is properly isolated, but this is – no motorbikes, dodgy music or chainsaws, just the magical jungle sounds and nature spirits.

The second aspect is the shaman, and the medicine he or she brings. During my stay Joel was holding the ceremonies and administering my Uchu diet. Joel is a true master, I can honestly say I’ve never drunk medicine as powerful as his. It’s incredible. It brought me the deepest purge I’ve ever gone through, and I can genuinely say I received everything I came for, and more. The Uchu diet was also immensely helpful, I came to it with the intention of grounding and calming my nervous system, and it did exactly that. I now feel more grounded, more embodied and (finally, after a lifetime of insomnia) actually able to sleep, which is a complete miracle to be frank.

The other aspect that’s really important to me is the quality and integrity of the centre and staff. In this regard, I can only say how impressed and grateful I am for the consistent love and care shown by everyone there, especially Erin who kept watch over us all the way through the night and radiated her kindness to us throughout. The atmosphere in the maloca (where the ceremonies are held) is deeply safe and reassuring, I felt safer there than any other place I’ve had a ceremony in, and felt I was able to go very deep because of all the support, both from Joel and helpers, and from the spirits that come together in the space to work with us. And since coming back it’s been really lovely to find that Karin has kept in touch with us all! I’ve never met a centre that offers so much support, especially to folks who are new to the medicine.

By the way, I should also mention that they only ever work with small groups, and it makes such a difference. No conveyor-belt approach here! There is something really very wonderful about this place, and about the people it attracts too. I was very glad to share my time there with a small group whom I felt brought real sincerity and genuineness to the process we shared. I’ll definitely be back again for another diet, next time with Chiric Sanango. But until then, I can thoroughly recommend it – if you’ve been looking, and this resonates, then look no further, you’ve found the place you need 🙂

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