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Gaia Sagrada Shamanic Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on May 9, 2016. #1 of 202 Reviews

I had completed an Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreat near Iquitos, Peru one year ago (2015). My issues were depression and PTSD, and although I loved the experience, I did not feel the healing I had been hoping for. I had no idea what to expect from Gaia Sagrada. Basically I was blown away. There was a perfect balance between the two medicines.

The accommodation at Gaia was comfortable, although it being April, next time I would pack warmer clothing. My only complaint is that I was feeling cold most evenings! Should’ve brought more wooly socks! The food was vegetarian and ayahuasca friendly and was prepared with much thought and love. I think even the meat eaters were satisfied.

There was a lot to do. In Peru we spent our off time just melting in hammocks. At Gaia Sagrada you can opt to do the “karma yoga” chores: we washed dishes, weeded the flowers, cleaned up the ceremony Maloka, and painted. We seemed to chat a lot more to the other participants, but also had ample opportunity to be off by ourselves if we wished.

The ceremonies themselves cannot be described as they are different for each person and morph with each ceremony. In Peru I worked with a wonderful Shaman named Mani, but I did not have the option of connecting with him on a personal level – we were not really permitted access to speak with him outside of the ceremony and also he did not speak English and most of us did not speak Spanish. At Gaia Sagrada the Shamans speak English and are very approachable. If you choose to get a personal cleansing with Salvador, you will not be disappointed. He is one of the kindest, most gentle people I’ve ever met. He gives so much of himself to each participant. Santiago gives each person one on one time during the ceremonies and the insights that came forth were life changing. Christine and the Shamans that she has painstakingly searched out share their own life experiences freely. This helps you to see where the medicines can take you when you open up to them.

At Gaia Sagrada I felt my mental health issues lift off of me finally. They no longer felt like protection for me, and were no longer welcome. I feel healed from my most serious barriers to life.

Ultimately we heal ourselves. My advice? Speak during the group sessions after ceremony. Say things aloud that need saying. Then open your heart without pressure and the medicines will do their work. Be patient. Sometimes it seems like it’s “not working”. It is, the medicines know better than we do what we need. Go to Gaia Sagrada and let them look after you in a gentle way and then take what you learned home with you. They can be tough too. Sometimes we need that. But always with love!

I needed my experience in Peru in order to be open to what the teachers and healers had waiting for me at Gaia Sagrada. Going forward I will be recommending only Gaia to the people who are interested in this kind of awakening.

To Christine, Salvador and Santiago, to Paulina, Cynthia and Sophia, to Yogi, Shanti and Raja (the dogs), God bless each of you from the depths of my heart. Xoxox

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