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Beni, Bolivia

Reviewed on May 9, 2018. #1 of 56 Reviews

I’m a wildlife biologist and personal growth aficionado, and so I was drawn to Pisatahua for several reasons – to deepen my spiritual connection, to see Amazonian wildlife, and to rest and rejuvenate my soul and body. I can say that Pisatahua is an absolute paradise!!

I stayed at Pisatahua for 3 weeks with my husband in April 2018. During this time we participated in 2 powerfully spiritual ayahuasca ceremonies, searched for jaguar tracks as we hiked through their jungle trail system, watched macaws fly overhead as we canoed the lake at sunrise, and practiced daily yoga and meditation in their shaded, spacious and mosquito-free maloca (a communal thatch-roofed building).

The lodge has an incredible location for wildlife – in just 2 weeks I saw 55 species of Amazonian birds, and dozens of jaguar, capybara, and caiman tracks. Pisatahua sits within 20,000 hectares of the Aquicuana Reserve, which was founded thanks to collaboration between Pisatahua and the municipality of Riberalta, and protects an area of Amazonian forest 3x bigger than Manhattan. At Pisatahua you can access their miles-long trail system, leading you through lake-side wetlands and dense tropical forest, offering ample opportunity to spot a toucan, black caracara, or another of the 250 or so bird species that live within the Reserve.

The facilities were the best I’ve seen at a tropical lodge – the cabins offer you a private view over the lake, where you can listen to the hum of frogs and birds at night from your comfortable bed or hammock. The maloca is a beautiful space for ceremony, community, and meditative practice. I always felt comfortable, safe, and surrounded by intense beauty while at Pisatahua, and I miss it already.

The ceremonies were powerful – the curanderos are wise, attentive, and truly concerned for your healing. We felt safe, comfortable, and well guided, thanks to them and to Pisatahua’s founders Erik, Sasha, and Chaca. The medicine itself was potent – a thick, dense brew – and for me, life changing, offering visions for a better world, as well as the personal growth required to help me create that better world. Erik and Sasha have created a space that fosters integration, to empower you to translate these visions into lasting personal change. This was my first time with the medicine, and I am immensely grateful to have experienced this at Pisatahua, surrounded by inspiring people, local curanderos, and gorgeous tropical nature.

I am eternally grateful to Erik, Sascha, and Chaca, for founding this beautiful healing center that gives so much to the local community and visitors. I hope to return soon!

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