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São Bento, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reviewed on January 18, 2019. #1 of 8 Reviews

I was coming to Terramaya many times and each time i was leaving the place more lighter and wiser. I was participating in voluntier programs, also atending workshops. I would recomend this place for those who want to meet themselfs in what ever they are doing, in the simple act like a diging the pond or working in the garden (like voluntier) or in ceremony space (like a spiritual seeker). In suroundings of the nature and simplicity of the place you can see your own projections and exspectations very well and in the silence of the mountains very easy to integrate spiritual understandings. So those things was happening to me and i came to understending that simple is fantastic, just to swim in the river, to play with the dog, to meet a frog its fantastic and real life. By the way if to speak about practical things, there is the normal bath and normal toilet in the hut, dont need to go at nigth in the forest, just if you wish so . About aya ceremonies dificult to share the exsperience, need to experience-no other way. In this place healing happens. Who ever i met there they are my family and part of my love now. Recomend. Sandra

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