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Reviewed on June 14, 2020. #1 of 70 Reviews

Hi Lia, I am sorry you are feeling so bothered, it is a difficult time for many.

As I explained in our conversations, before the refund was given, we do not normally give refunds, but because of the global pandemic we would be willing to help your situation and give a refund, minus the banking fees and a $25 administrative fee. This was one option, which you chose. The other was to extend the retreat for the foreseeable future until they open up borders, my exact words were for all/anytime of 2021.

Calling banking fees theft is understandable. Please remember these are international fees and they take advantage (banking fees and taxes) of poor 3rd world countries like Peru, to receive and then send this money out.

This is an organic family business, not a Mega store. There are many fees beyond a retreat and your physical needs at a retreat. There is the booking, preparation, banking and advertising at sites like ayaadvisors. These all involve fees.

Saying we are all about the money is simply not true. It is all love and light, but we too have fees and mouths to feed. I have a family to provide for too. Peru is not being bailed out, our savings is our bail out.

In regards to our what to bring list – People often ask what we do not have access to here in Peru, that they could bring to help us out. These things are spirulina, hemp seeds or sage sticks. Spirulina – is an excellent supplement and helps people when they are having trouble fasting. The hemp seeds are for the smoothies for everyone and for my one year old daughters smoothies. Sage sticks are cheaper and more easily found in the united states and it helps us save money when people bring these.

Best wishes to you during these times and I am available through e-mail and whatsapp, as always, though not as instantly as before because I have been taking the time given to us to focus on other things.


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