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Reviewed on April 4, 2019. #1 of 58 Reviews

HI Ricardo,

Once again, we would like to apologize for the hot showers not being up to your standards upon arrival. This from the very depths of our beings, we were sorry for and I boiled you water for a hot bath because I was so sorry and felt responsible. We have tried our best to fix this issue between us in a peaceful and resonable way. Originally, we had solar showers installed. We were not able to foresee, their not being up to guests standards as they only worked during the day after a few hours of sunshine. When we realized this, we went and bought a new instant gas powered hot shower heater. Now, anyone can take a hot shower, any time of day. If anyone is concerned we might not have hot showers, I am happy to talk about this over the phone.

Our location is secluded, but not far from a medical center. Should there be any emergency we have cars and are a 15 minute drive from the medical center.

Juanita, would not appreciate being called an old lady, as she is only in her thirties. She is a busy body, and sometimes I have to ask her to slow down. This is her natural way. As part of our family, we make sure Juanita is taken care of and so is her family. Her husband also works for us. Her custom of washing very dirty things in the river and then putting them in the laundry is ok with us! She does an amazing job and our gratitude for her job is endless and unwavering.

As a healing center, we practice a traditional dieta. This involves intermittent fasting, which we talk about on the first nights introduction to the retreat, that only the first day of ayahuasca ceremony we serve breakfast and then you fast until the ceremony. Anyone who has trouble fasting may have fruits.

If you leave your door open during the day, you may get flies in your room. It is lucky to see an Andean spider while here, but not likely.

The beds are a year and a couple months old. If you like a more cushioned mattress, we have mattress toppers.

I choose to chew on Coca leaves recently, instead of drinking coffee. For me it is a better alternative at the moment. Also, culturally normal here in Peru.

Getting off pain medications, to help heal yourself, is a courageous step and often a painful and difficult process. We (myself, Pacco, volunteers, yoga teachers and Juanita) are here to make everyone’s stay as comfortable as possible, and we did everything within our power to help you.

Suggestions we have received to improve the new retreat with some little tweaks are being put into motion this week before the new retreat begins.

Thank you for your feedback and we wish you the best!

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