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The Garden of Peace

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Lamas, San Martin, Peru

Reviewed on November 21, 2018. #1 of 13 Reviews

The Garden of Peace (GoP) is just that, a beautiful, peaceful retreat set in the jungles of Peru about an hour’s drive from Tarapoto. This was my first foray into plant medicines, in particular participating in Ayuhuasca ceremonies, but will definitely not be my last.

The information provided on the GoP website in the lead-up to my retreat was very informative and provided me with a sense of calm and belief that I would be in good hands. GoP proved to be a very safe place and I felt comfortable at all times, mainly due to the amazing staff.

Kahla, who was leading the retreat in Lara’s absence was extremely capable and I always felt she was in control and had guests needs as a top priority. I cannot thank her enough for her efforts, and her calm demeanor. Equally the staff were simply amazing, from the preparation of food, through to assisting during ceremony; their dedication, love, support and empathy helped me during some challenging times.
The knowledge and skills of all the staff were regularly on show and helped educate me on the powers of plant medicine. And of course their beautiful singing and playing of music throughout ceremony, in conjunction with the curandero was truly magical.

Gumer, the curandero was simply amazing. You can feel his power of healing come through and without him I don’t believe I would have received so much in the way of healing on so many levels. I cannot begin to thank him enough.

Be mindful, this is not “cocktails by the pool’ and you are in the jungle so be prepared for the basics. Having said that, the basics, as in meals, were healthy vegetarian meals prepared and served with love. There is a beautiful river to bathe in daily, which is also a great place for meditating and re-engaging with nature. I saw a vast array of wildlife including hawks, monkeys, incredible butterflies, caterpillars and an array of other amazing creatures.

I will be returning next year to continue my journey, and cannot recommend the GoP highly enough for anyone considering taking plant medicine. Everything about the GoP was perfect in its own way. Blessings and love to everyone at GoP and see you in 2019

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