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El Triunfo, peru

Reviewed on August 28, 2018. #1 of 33 Reviews

Having just arrived home from my 5 week adventure in Peru I am now able to fully appreciate the deep deep healing that was undertaken in my 10 days working with Percy at center DAS.
As I walk the streets of my neighborhood and city, where formerly there was judgement towards people, there is now none.
I feel connected to each and every individual I interact with, with so much compassion and love filling my heart.
The fear, doubt and confusion that was instilled upon me as a child and youth has been lifted off, leaving me feeling strong, directed and protected.
I cannot remember a time when I felt so free, so pure, so light.
For 10 days, under the magical facilitation offered by Rak Razam, Percy devoted his undivided attention on each and every individual that was staying at the retreat.
Whether it be in ceremony, holding space, calling in the spirits to heal us.
Cleansing flower baths held each day (which may be a special bonus of our specific 10 day program).
Lessons held in the dining hall teaching us about the science of the plant medicines he works with (including ayahuasca preparation, perfume demonstration/preparation, medicinal plants of the jungle).
Or just offering his presence wherever you may find him, a shining beacon of light, calming, purifying, soothing the delicate soul.
It was clear to see that the center was his life work. I never could have expected such a divinely conscious and natural setting. One part hospital, one part garden of eden, the facilities consisted of a completely off-grid mostly self-sustainable system.
Whilst there was no power, gas or the common western privileges, we were blessed by the light of the moon, the flow of the beautiful jungle stream, and the crackle of the cooking fire.
This allowed the attunement with the spirits to begin, aided by the gastronomically inclined dieta meals we were offered (the quality of which was startling to say the least, organic, nourishing, always seemed to be planned specifically for the state of the guests ie post ceremony soup with ginger for our delicate bellies) and the absolute comfort of a family home offered by the beautiful staff.
As the days progressed, the connection with the spirits increased, and as my loud and chatty mind eased it’s barrage of endless thoughts and began to quiet, the plants in the jungle surrounding us began to be heard.
Through dreams I would be given guidance, and during waking hours and especially post ceremony, the higher frequency communication of the plants could be heard clearly.
In ceremony, Percy became a trusted older brother. Calm and assured he would translate the words of the mother through his icaros, the power of which was able to be appreciated on the experiential level.
If ever there was a time of darkness being experienced by anyone in the ceremony, and I would find myself slipping off into thought or negativity, Percy’s vibrational presence acted as an anchor, pulling me back into the light.

I feel so so blessed and grateful to have been lucky enough to spend time at center DAS, the first visit of many. I leave with the experiential knowledge that Percy is not only a master healer, medicine man, curandero, but also a true friend and brother.

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