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San Pedro Workshops

Listed in San Pedro (Huachuma)

Lentag, Ecuador

Reviewed on September 16, 2018. #1 of 72 Reviews

I spend almost four days with Steve, Sammy ( I hope I wrote your name right ) and their two dogs. I did one ceremony and one microdose.
It was my second time drinking San Pedro, one month before I did an Ayahuasca retreat.
Out of all sessions the one with Steve was the most profound and the most beautiful one. I closed my journey of healing at their retreat.
I wish I could have done more sessions, and I probably will in the future. The world in which San Pedro guides you is truly a magical place in which everything is connected and possible. I felt like I am a child again that sees all wonder of the world.
Both make you feel at home by cooking and caring for you. I felt really safe and protected, even by their dog who stayed by my side during my whole session.
Steve has a special talent to know what you have to hear. He pulled me out of a bad headspace I fell in when the experience was getting intense. Also, the conversations we had were like little teachings, with both of them.
They have a special bond and love to San Pedro which you can feel in their whole house and garden. In general the energy is positive, everything seems to blossom and bloom in their garden and house. And for sure you blossom too when drinking their San Pedro!

Thank you both and your dogs for the experience. It was a great gift.


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