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The 5th Dimension Healing & Spiritual Retreat

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Indiana, Loreto, Peru

Reviewed on August 6, 2019. #1 of 28 Reviews

This was my first experience with Ayahuasca, Kambo, Nunu or Yopo.
From the moment I got off the boat I felt peace of mind, body and soul, the grounds are beautiful with many fruit trees some which you can eat from.
Weather you speak Spanish or not, you would feel relaxed here
The retreat was so clean and fresh I was surprised I was in the Amazon Jungle they also surprised me with working toilets, sinks and showers and plug socket in the bedroom (foreign plug adapter may be needed) When i was up for roughing it an it was better than glamping
Tanya was amazing with her interpretations an helping bridge between the language barriers.. she was always there to talk or more often laugh with and she gave me fantastic advice even looked after me after retreat finished, helping me find a better hotel at same cost for my stop over night in Iquitos.
The shamans Icaros were powerful and connected to, an affecting the medicine within my body… absolutely amazing experience! Unbelievable connections and they always had time for you❣️
Im not experienced but I know that Id chosen the right retreat.. travelling 1/2 way across the world as a female on my own to this retreat was the right idea.
Charlie and William were brilliant with helping me with extra needs (had a rash problem& I turned away from medical system and their symptom management, to a natural approach with plants an plant medicine)
Charlie and William got me things to try which i could bring home and treat from home
The shaman treated my skin with plants from the jungle In addition to the ceremonies they were all there to help me heal however they could help.
Tbh everyone went above and beyond to make my stay comfortable relaxed and treated me like a patient with a holistic approach with jungle prescriptions
The breakfast salad was lovely, Ive added it to my recipes
Food was plentiful, I always went back for 2nds and the fruit bowl always had fruit in it, anytime day or night!
Never a problem getting a chamomile tea at 12am after ceremonies
Definitely an excellent all round experience worthy of the 5⭐️
Heard they are going to be putting the price up so book in while its on the cheaper side, you won’t be disappointed!
And I would have paid more.
Its a very comfortable, laidback, calming, atmosphere.. and I’ll be happy to be back and meet up with what I call my soul family again. When mother ayahuasca calls me again.. I’m So grateful So thankful for my beautiful amazing experience with beautiful friendly an talented caring nurturing people
The monkey island experience was something all on its own, on just how up close and personal they can get with you.
Can’t say enough good things about this place and the people who put their heart and soul into making it special
You’ve all done an amazing job well done to you and deep love and gratitude from me an my 2week introduction to plant medicines
Shout out to Tanya, missing your humour, your a beautiful woman who helped me through the rough.
Sara, Elias, you’re my shaman. yes you are! Stay blessed!!
Karina, Maria, Shanti, Carlos, Lener, the retreat runs so well because of you all and you do in the background to make my stay so special.. you’re the backbone!
Charlie and William.. thank you for all the extra ways you went out of your way to help me! And for opening the retreat
Thank you, to you ALL from the bottom to the top of my heart YOU ALL had a part to play in making my stay a special an amazing experience which I could never forget… I want to come back purely to see my soul family… I love you all. Im blessed just to have had all of my experiences at The 5thDimensions healing retreat
Bye for now beautiful people

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