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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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Spirit Vine, Itacare, BA, Brazil

Reviewed on March 26, 2018. #1 of 160 Reviews

It’s been nearly a month since I returned from Brazil from my beautiful retreat at Spirit Vine. It has been by far the most transformative experience I had for 9 days in the nearly 35 years of my life. The place is absolutely beautiful in the middle of the jungles of Itacare. Everything around me was so clean yet prepared with such love and care. I felt “home”. The food was grown in their own gardens, it was delicious and I did not even miss meat at all. I love the workshops that were facilitated by Silvia and Rohan prior to the ceremonies. It was the right food for thought that really helps guide my ayahuasca journeys that brought forth the lasting changes I have today.

I have been observing the following changes in my lifestyle, diet and inner world for the last 30 days after the retreat.

I lost all desire to drink even the taste of my favourite beverage, wine. With the exception of 2 glasses of wine that I sporadically ordered to “test” the feeling is constant. This has been progressive since I return from Mexico last year and this time it stopped 100%.

I am drawn to a mostly plant-based diet. 80% of what I consume is mostly vegetarian with the rest in seafood and little meat. I find fruits absolutely delicious nowadays. I will crave for it and when it touches my tongue I think “Mmmmm delicioooous.” If I cook, I don’t really use salt but rather season the food with natural spices. I can feel my body’s immediate joy or distaste for the food I feed it. Prior to this, I love meat and have never cared much for fruits or contemplated having a plant-based diet,

I regained my ability to sit in the quiet to read for hours instead of being distracted.

I’m very present and grounded in my daily movements and thoughts. I see that in everything I do from the way I move, talk, picking things up and putting things away. I put things away, shoes, closing drawers, even my footsteps, gently without a sound if I can.

My senses are so heightened. I feel things a lot quicker than before and also get repelled in an instant to bad smells or alerted to bad feelings in other people.

I am drawn to nature and want to spend a lot of time connecting with her and also to look within to explore my inner world through meditation and acute awareness.I relish the moments and it gives me such to be surrounded by nature. I will notice and look at trees and observe the trunk and leaves even in my daily walk through my concrete-filled city.

I feel grateful for my body and the movements and sensations I can have through it. That acute awareness extended to be aware I’m looking through my eyes and I will look up from my book and look around, amused yet grateful that I, we are so blessed with the gift of sight. I look at my hands and feet or just feel the movement through them. I feel the slight wind brushing on my skin, Our senses are such a miraculous thing.

Mind and Heart:
They both float in a white glowing light. Holding space for my inner world. Present, grounded.

My focus of leading a kind, joyful and meaningful life is sharpened and is raised to a higher level of consciousness and I let go of inauthentic expectations of the future or people around me.

I gained more gratitude, love and patience of my family, my loved ones and everything else that is the source of my intrinsic joys while at the same time I let go of everything else that doesn’t serve me in that light.

I feel absolutely grateful and have pure acceptance of who I am and what I have in the here and now.

I am aware of the breath that I take into my body and love the feeling of taking slow deep breathes in the quiet and the sun and feel it coursing through my being and the wonderful effects it has in my mind and heart.

I truly enjoy myself, my being, my light and exploring the vast inner world that has been shown to me.

Every day, the lesson continues and deepens.


Thank you Silvia and Rohan for this wonderful gift. I would love to return.

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