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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on September 3, 2019. #1 of 106 Reviews

Before I chose Nimea Kaya healing centre I had doubts and fears about doing Ayahuasca mainly because of risks involved when using a medicine that works with spirit and energies are involved. Generally people are not aware of this but as a psychic medium that has experience working with energies already I wanted to ensure I was safe. I didnt rush to do ayahuasca until i researched enough. Nimea Kaya was recommended to me as it was perfect for first time experiences of ayahuasca. I did more research and also connected with the retreat both energetically and by email via their website and I must say the energy was that of love and integrity. I needed this confirmation to book and always go with my feelings and the energy I feel with that connection. I was still nervous when I arrived which I think is normal for a solo traveller but I had a strong intention to work on clearing some blocks that were blocking me from moving forward on my spiritual path. When I arrived to the airport the group was met by Matt one of the facilitators and his love and care was so genuine. I could see in his eyes he was a true light worker on a mission to help others as part of a universal calling he has been assigned to. The retreat its self was beautiful and all the facilitators are truly amazing that made me feel so safe. The set up and organisation of all the ceromanies and education inbetween was professionally done and my fear of safety soon subsided when I realised I was in safe hands. I did a 9 day retreat with 4 ceromanies and I will be honest the ride was intense and challenging but as a warrior by nature and with my intention to work through these blocks I was happy to do what it takes and put in the work. I felt so connected to the shamans and really felt they were that of pure love on a mission to help others heal. All the participants on the retreat were lovely and I would say through my experience that Nimea Kaya attracts people who are serious about their healing and ascension journey which I was so happy about as I only wanted to be around people who I could trust. There was a perfect blend of inner work using ayahuasca and retreat. The food was absolutely amazing and if I could I would move into the retreat just to live that perfect healthy lifestyle amongst the beautiful sounds of the jungle in a high vibrational setting. I never got to meet Gill the owner but just from connecting with her via email I felt I knew her well enough. She has lovely energy and answers all my questions I needed to ask. What a lovely experience It was and I would only ever go back to Nimea Kaya. Any one I talk to about my experience I recommend to Nimea and I would not go to any other retreat now I have experienced what a wonderful place it is. It is an experience I will never forget a really built some truly amazing connections with lovely people from all over the world.

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