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Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual

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Iquitos, Peru

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Nihue Rao …
Some people head off to Nihue Rao Spiritual Center knowing what they are looking for , some aren t sure , some have an urge to clean themselves , some feel stuck / at a crossroad in their life, some are ready to step up and take on new challenges in life , no matter what are the reasons you will choose to make the journey to this paradise in the Amazonian Forest , Nihue Rao will open doors to your answers , you may just find your true self , cry , smile and say “now it all makes sense, Gracias”

You arrive in Nihue Rao thinking and counting the days left until you can go back home … and you leave Nihue Rao counting the days left until you can come back !

I have choosen Nihue Rao for its respect to ancient traditions , its pure and basic authenticity to nature, medecine and shamanism.
By removing all the uneccessary layers and artifice , with its intensity and basic environment Nihue Hao , brings you to the core of Medecine.
A clean path to your own cure / medecine.
They are some many centers and people out there pretending to have the knowledge of the plant and spiritual medecine . Remember that in the world of the shaman , the ones that talk the most are the ones who know the least .
Nihue Rao is a safe Spiritual Center that can be trusted.
Trust and safety .. thats what you should be looking for and what you can be sure of.

Not only you will learn from each Ayahuasca ceremony or any other plants you may be dieting on (i only diet on Ayahuasca), but also from all the passengers .
Each passengers story or experiences during the ceremonies may resonnate within you . Nothing is random.

Your nights/ ceremonies in the Maloka at Nigue Rao may be tough but you will be and feel protected by el Maestro , the shamans and warm energy inside the maloka .
The shamans and Maestro Riccardo ikaros will be pure medecine for your body and soul . Songs from the spirits .
Having only native shamans makes a huge difference in the entire approach of the ceremony itself and love for Mama Ayahuasca and all sacred plants .
An entire village / family working all together , sharing their medecine and knowledge.

“Finito” , The end of the ceremonies are always a blessing , candle light and fruits , we quietly “regroup”, share (if the need is there), laugh , smile and share a lot of love . The maloka becomes home , where purging/ cleansing becomes your favorite hobby 😉
You may want to sleep in the cocoony Maloka or lookup to the stars (if not raining;) outside before heading back to your jungle hut .

Your little hut will be very basic but with a very comfy bed and mosquito net .
There is a desk , shelves and Fan , all you need is there 😉
The huts are opened with nets as windows, i loved listening to the sound of the jungle (hut 20#) at night or should i say early mornings ..
Yes , you may not get much sleep at night 😉 but somehow Mama Ayahuasca gives you the energy you need to carry on the next day.

Maestro Riccardo is a true deep and beautiful wise soul , i have learned so much from him during the integration meetings (morning after the ceremony) .
Many tips / advices i have taken from maestro Riccardo and shall apply to my life after Nihue Rao.
And his laugh .. hahha . Gracias Maestro !!

Big thank you to Benoit “Apprentice Maestro” ! The right words at the right time .

Thank you to Victor for all the information and guidance !

Remember that each experience is very personal , Mama Ayahuasca will give you what YOU need and not what your neighbur needs ..
You may also be on different plan diet with different restrictions.

Surrender , respect , have faith ,forgive yourself and others, surrender, open your heart and let Mama Ayahuasca , Nature , the shamans , el Maestro feed your body and soul its medecine .
Be ready to shine and enjoy the flower medecinal baths !!

I am myself a shaman and have been recommended Nihue Rao by other Shamans who are seeking for a true , authentic experience .
It is now my turn to highly recommend Nihue Rao , stop browsing ! You have found the right place .

Gracias , Gracias , Gracias
God Bless

Ps: i have spent 7 days at Nihue Rao over Xmas and received all answers i was looking for.
Now i can understand the magic of Christmas…

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