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Spirit Plant Journeys

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Sacred Valley, Peru

Reviewed on October 1, 2018. #1 of 81 Reviews

Spirit Plant Journeys brought all the right ingredients together for a very meaningful, spiritual experience. Sarah, Ryan & Marta are amazing … they are very genuine folks and live from the Heart ♥. And oh Maestro Walter … his songs (Icaros) were straight from his Heart ♥ … at times, I felt like I was the one singing … it was my favorite part of the ceremonies … the Icaros helped me immensely.

The Venue … Energetically, Casita Huaran, a sustainable, organic farm in Sacred Valley, hit all the right buttons for me. Beautiful Tania & her family … live from the Heart ♥ … the animals, plants, flowers, apus, trees, the sound and view of the Huaran River, the land … all Pachamama! And the dogs … they were our spirit animal mascots and protectors.

I definitely chose the right venue for my 1st Aya experience. The program was very well planned & thoroughly thought out … the respect and sacredness of the ceremonies … meditation sessions, yoga, massages, flower baths, Despacho ceremony, Pachamanca Lunch with Tania’s family (Quechua, ‘Earth Food’) … from the Heart ♥!

Many many thanks to Spirit Plant Journeys! I am truly grateful. You are a force & have created something truly beautiful… from the Heart ♥! Applause! Bravo! Yay! ❌⭕️❌

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