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Rainforest Healing Center

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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on June 12, 2015. #1 of 48 Reviews

Wow, where to begin on Chakra Alegria De Amor,

First of all this was not my first ayahuasca retreat centre, but it will definitely be the last. That’s not to say i won’t be going back to Peru, but i believe i’ve found “the one” in this centre, it’s shaman Pedro, and it’s owner/facilitator Omar. My other ayahuasca experiences had been somewhat useful in changing the direction of my life but i had begun to lose faith that the medicine could help me with my emotional, and psychological problems (depersonalisation disorder). This place fully restored that faith and then some. Omar is a beautiful soul and a down to earth dude who is just as much up for a good laugh as he is for a deep conversation about the progress of your healing, he’s now a friend for life. Pedro the shaman is one of the most beautiful uplifting characters i’ve ever met in my life, I was skeptical at first because he is a young shaman (in his 30’s) and everybody’s idea of a stereotypical top shaman is some 80 year old Peruvian who’s been working with the medicine from an early age.
Pedro blew all of my previous shaman’s out of the water, with the loving, light, youthful, caring and playful way that he conducts a ceremony. it really is beautiful. and no matter whether i can get back to Peru or not in this lifetime, I’ll have fond memories of that man and his icaros with me forever. The centre itself is also something to behold, a little more off the beaten path than most, it resides it virgin jungle and the scenery around the tambos is breathtaking and a perfect compliment to the healing process. Your shower consists of running spring water contained in a stream that had been built to go past all of the tambos, using this living water to bathe in daily invigorates the body and soul, and further helps you connect with the beauty around you. The Maloka is amazing, and the food is light, healthy and fantastic (i comfortably lost about 8kg in my 3 week stay). The centre also offers unique options in the way of isolation diets using sanango plants, and ajo sacha diets all of which are harvested right on the property. I myself completed a Chiric Sanango dieta, which was the toughest and most rewarding mission i’ve ever undertaken in my life. I implore whoever reads this to do the same if you read the outlines of the diet and believe that you’re up to it…
So to save myself going on about the place for hours i’ll just cut it short here and beg you to do yourself and everyone that you hold close in your life a favour, come to this place, and go back home the human being that you’ve always known you could be. You’ll reach your human potential here i can tell you that much for sure

Ryan (Osito) from Australia 🙂

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