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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

Listed in Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma)


Reviewed on February 13, 2017. #1 of 110 Reviews

Connecting with the medicines is a very profound experience and every single one is extremely individual.
I was planning my first encounter with the medicine and therefore it was very important for me to find a place where I would feel safe and in good hands. I could not imagine just to go to a place without knowing anyone, I needed to gain trust before I would go.
The ECA family is taking time to talk to each interested person on skype. This establishes a basis of trust and both, the ECA family and the interested person have the chance to find out if they belong together.
This is just a short remark for people that might feel like me trying to find the right place for this profound journey. ECA is the RIGHT place for you!
From the very first moment there, during and even after the retreat my first impression of this place and the people was exceeded by far.
Healers, facilitators, cooks and friends are just words describing their dedication. But who they truly are is a big, wonderful & caring family. And they will treat you as a family member from the first moment on.
Apart from that, it is noteworthy that during the whole retreat Jesse, Bobby and Hans would accompany the participants during the day, before and after the ceremony. They have introduced us into the world of the sacred medicines, they have explained us the traditions and they gave us good advices. They were there as well for private talks if needed. And during the ceremonies they offered us the best imaginable care.
Not only their dedication is astonishing, but also Gonzalos and Greisons dedication. They dedicate their entire lifes to the sacred medicines, they dedicate their lifes to heal people and to heal the world.
A part of the revenues is used for land conversation in the Amazon rainforest and for the support of the indigenous community in the western Amazon.
The ECA family is not only helping us to understand how we can become a better person, they are the living example how to be a better person and feel gifted by giving.
My love and gratitude are infinite.
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!
PS: The food is sooo good that this would be reason enough to go there!:) 

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