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Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

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1371 Hancock lone palm rd Orlando, Florida 32828

Reviewed on July 23, 2018. #1 of 73 Reviews

I have never been to a place and experienced so much pain and so much love at the same time. The experience is very therapeutic and in many cases very personal for everyone. This means that participants must make the experience their own.

1. I went by myself and I am a shy person. I always felt safe and cared for by the staff and volunteer facilitators. Everyone welcomed me with love and respect.
2. The website information is accurate. The facilities are just as they appear. This isn’t a five star hotel. Bring what you need to feel comfortable (pillows, a special blanket, and any other personal items).
3. There were scheduled activities such as Yoga, counseling, and psychotherapy. I took my first Yoga class and it was absolutely wonderful. Some activities will be extra cost so consider bringing cash. If you don’t sign up immediately on the website for any extra sessions, you may have an opportunity to do so if you change your mind. They can easily charge your account, so the process was simple. Many people did this while I was there.
4. There was absolutely no pressure from anyone to participate. This is your individual journey and you make the choices. This also was a judgment free zone.
5. By the end of our weekend, we all felt a bond. Many people shared contacts, pictures and became friends. Again, there’s no pressure to do so if you choose to remain to yourself.
6. The integration sessions – a time the next morning after each ceremony to share your experience – are nicely facilitated by Dr. Scott were wonderful. This wasn’t a group therapy session, just a time to express your feelings and experiences if you desire. Attendance is mandatory, but you are not pressured to share. I found it helpful to help process your experience.
7. On my weekend there was at least one person who didn’t have a positive experience for one reason or another. That is ok. We are all unique people with unique personalities and needs. You need to come with an open mind and make the experience your own.

This was an experience I will never forget. I am so humbled to have had it and grateful that I found a place and some wonderful people who ensured that I felt safe to experience it. We all were on our personal journeys that eventually got us there. Some had been there before. We all made the choice to go to deal with the emotional baggage we have been carrying, and in some cases, struggling with for many years. I found the experience helpful to make sense of it all. Good luck on your journey! I hope you find what you are looking for.

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