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Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

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Via a Llayzhatan Bajo, Ecuador

Reviewed on January 25, 2020. #1 of 243 Reviews

A mystical, personal and transformative experience. I have returned with all of my intentions realised and more. I had no prior experience with entheogens but had undertaken my preparation work in accordance with the advice provided by Gaia Sagrada and my own on-line research activity. I went in open minded therefore and with a good attitude, respectfully seeking to experience all that the medicine promised. I was not disappointed. The web-site information by the Centre is honest and accurate and should answer most of your practical questions in deciding whether this journey and this particular centre is right for you

What is harder to obtain from a web-site is the heart and spirit behind a place. The contribution made by the leadership team led by Christine Breese the other Shamen and leadership team of “staff” and work exchangers was excellent and would meet the standards of any professional body or corporate organisation; yet everything was delivered in an attitude of service, love and support for all who were present. Coupled to this was my fellow visitors who brought their own intentions, undertook their own preparation and bravely committed to their own journey by their participation in the structured and facilitated ceremonies, family meetings and available workshops. What a web-site cannot get across either is the comfort that you will find from the quality mattress, blankets and pillows in the bedrooms and maloka rest areas nor the power of the Icaro’s and spiritual songs brought by the Shamen and work-exchangers during ceremony nor the delicious and plentiful food and fruit that is available each day, served up with skill, diligence and care around a well planned time-table.

As someone who was “not much of a joiner” when it comes to group activities I was blown away by the sense of love, belonging and open heartedness that I was enabled to feel towards both the natural world and for those who shared all or part of my 12 day journey of discovery. It was my clear intention to address specific areas of perceived need in my life. My experience with the medicine changed both my perception of what the nature of reality is as well as what my need actually was. My 1st ceremony had me both whoop out loud with delight as well as express both the phrase “It is real” as well as “I am home”. These beliefs only strengthened with each experience thereafter. Reading about other people’s experiences may help you decide whether you wish to undertake such a journey yourself yet it cannot replace or substitute for it. What I can confirm is that the medicine and practices at Gaia Sagrada has produced a change in me which I already know has been a pivotal moment in my life. This outcome appeared to be replicated for all of the other guests and work exchangers whom I now feel are part of the one Gaia Sagrada family along with me.

All things considered my decision to travel to Equador and commit the time and expense required at the time to complete the 12 day trip at this Gaia Sagrada retreat centre, is already viewed as having been a priceless investment. I lived in the dorms and booked the extra Shaman cleansing ceremony, the 2 extra Ayahuasca ceremonies and I went on the optional day trip to Cajas National Park which were all great and journey enhancing. If you decide that this trip it for you, then I hope that you too discover the value of your own journey and I look forward to welcoming you to the Gaia Sagrada family, along with all others who have gone before.

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