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Ayahuasca In Ecuador

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904-435-7994 in U.S. or 099 368 8463 in Ecuador

Rio Jurumbaino Macas Ecuador

Reviewed on June 14, 2017. #1 of 42 Reviews

Highly recommended!!! An experience I will never ever forget. Will visit again.

Sun and Ken run a beautiful and spiritually awakening retreat perfect for the application of these powerful medicines. Sun and Ken have surrounded themselves with an amazing team of personnel who all work so tirelessly to make the retreat the life changing journey that it aims to be. I undertook the Celebration of Mother Ayahuasca / 10 day retreat (4 A ceremonies and 1 SP ceremony). During each ceremony I was made feel completely comfortable and safe – both physically and spiritually.

During my visit I stayed with Sun and Ken at their residence. The residence sits among a beautiful garden against the backdrop of ice capped Volcano. Simply stunning. The perfect location to reflect between ceremonies. The food provided during my stay was absolutely perfect – I have never eaten so well in my entire life.

The ceremonies occur at a custom built Chosa nestled beside an amazing flowing river which ultimately fees into rivers which feed the Amazon. The facilities at the Chosa are fit for purpose (including running water and toilet facilities).

Sun and Ken have also engaged with local suppliers, so if you are interested in undertaking any extracurricular activities during you stay you can – including white water rafting and visiting a sacred waterfall with the Shaman.

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