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Lentag, Ecuador

Reviewed on March 13, 2019. #1 of 72 Reviews

I was lucky enough to spent about 2 weeks in total at Steve’s and Samays beautiful place on the top of a little mountain range in Lentag, close to Cuenca. The experience I had is almost impossible to describe. What is possible to say though is, that I had undergone a permanent and very positive change for my balance and happiness. Although I
Have never been religious or spiritual, nor have had any issues in my life, my point of view drastically changed with the ceremonies. Now I believe (next to other things) in the power of our mind and that we can achieve and shape our future as we wish. I’ve got a greater understanding and connection to nature as well.
I’ve done San Pedro in different places now and can say that Steve’s house has a very magical and positive energy going, which helps to stay positive thoughout the whole experience. Personally haven’t had any issues at all, and even if other people were struggling, Steve managed to turn the inner fight into a step towards a positive change. I will be back one day,
For sure. Ready for more of the fantastic brew and ready for more great experiences.

Thanks a lot.

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