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Nimea Kaya Healing Center

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La Florida, Pucallpa, Peru

Reviewed on December 14, 2018. #1 of 107 Reviews

Once me and my girlfriend made the decision to do a Ayahuasca retreat in Peru we checked out many of the different retreats that are available. When you have no real experience of what Ayahuasca is and what the different retreats have to offer it can be pretty difficult to make a choice. In the end we opted for Nimea Kaya because the dates of their retreat (February-March 2018) matched with our travel plans and the information and pictures on their website appealed to us. Pretty thin information to base our decision upon but it couldn’t have turned out better!
In short our experience at Nimea Kaya was absolutely mindblowing, heart warming, and awesome in every perspective. Life-changing is not an overstatement. If I could rate the retreat with more than 5 stars I most certainly would!
It is hard to describe the experience of encountering Mother Ayahuasca. It is different every time and it is different for everyone. As the staff said “It is never what you expect but always what you need”. I was “lucky” to only have had Blissful, however extremely intense at times, experiences. Infinity, devine beauty, and infinite Love are no strangers to me anymore :-).
But this most certainly is not always the case and Ayahuasca can be a very painful healer. Because of this it is all the more important to know that you are not alone, that you are safe (very very important!), that you are helped and taken care of by experienced and loving people whenever necessary (if only to get to the bathroom and back again ;-)). The staff worked miracles in this perspective! I really couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to help and guide me, and my fellow travellers, through our ceremonies. They made us feel safe at all times. Apart from that they were great persons and made the whole retreat a very fun, interesting, and joyful experience.
Then, of course, there were the shamans who really performed magic during the ceremonies. Their Icaros were beyond belief! The Shipibo have millenia of experience with Ayahuasca under their belt and it shows. If you are new to Ayahuasca make sure the ceremonies are guided by real and experienced shamans. At Nimea Kaya you can be confident that the shamans are the real deal.
I could go on and on but to make a long story short, the food was absolutely delicious, the compound beautiful, the lodging great, the people fantastic, the pets adorable, the program of the whole retreat very well balanced, and the experience unforgettable.
I certainly intend to go back again and I highly recommend Nimea Kaya to anyone!

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