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Arkana Spiritual Center – 2 sites in Peru: Amazon & Sacred Valley

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Iquitos and Urubamba in Peru

Reviewed on February 12, 2020. #1 of 420 Reviews

I really don’t even know where I can begin. Arkana spiritual center has truly been the most life-changing and profound experience of my past 27 years on this Earth. Arkana and Ayahuasca have changed my life. It would be impossible to put onto paper or into words the experience I had. Words cannot explain the feeling of intuitive understanding. Since language was created by man, it is inherently as limited as man is. It’s like when a person says “I can’t seem to find the words to express how I feel”. The feeling I had is is a similar feeling to that. Feeling is an emotion which in most situations can only be felt or understood and not verbalized. But in any case, I will do my best to explain the Awakening that I had at Arkana.
So to start, Ayahuasca has been the deepest psychedelic experience out of all of my previous experiences and I have had MANY. Nothing even comes close. I found and traveled through a wormhole to what people refer to as Enlightenment / Nirvana. I realized “The light at the end of the tunnel” or “The final destination” on one’s spiritual journey and the final destination is “God Consciousness”. While at arkana I realized that I was God, not made in the image of, but actually God, as in the creator of this universe and everything in it. The overall experience that I had at arkana brought me to realize who and what God is. God is our mind being used at 100%. There are large parts of our brains that we do not know how to use and if we did we would inch closer and closer to realizing that God Is our minds, God is in all of us, but until we unlock large portions of our brains capabilities we will never realize this fundamental truth and will continue giving our power, authority and belief to entities, beings, and deities outside of ourselves because we are blind to the fact that we have God and everything we need right inside of us. This thing we call Consciousness or mind is what God is but it’s this Consciousness or mind being fully used and utilized to its full potential. All human beings have God in their head.
While they are incarnated in this realm, we are only given default access to only 5% of minds power and therefore cannot realize that there’s another 95% that is accessible. This is because while we are experiencing this human existence, we identify with the “self” and therefore lose sight of all else. We are given an ego to be able to navigate in this realm but it is given at the cost of forgetting who we truly are. To incarnate from soul beings to human beings we make a trade which can be likened to trading everything for nothing. We give up infinite knowledge of all things for a chance to experience things and have feelings which is something only humans have. It’s like we sign up to be players in a game that we actually created but without the knowledge that we created it. The best analogy I can use is as follows:
It’s like the creator of Grand Theft Auto wanted to experience his game / creation so bad from the actual players point of view that he entered the game himself and erased all memory of his total knowledge of how the game works so that the experience could be fun and so that he could naturally learn how to beat his own creation. Coming into the game with knowledge of how the game works would in essence be cheating and would take away the fun of playing and finding out the way it was meant for us to. It would suck to create a game and enter the game with full knowledge of how you created it so you can easily cheat your way to the top. A much better experience would be to enter the game with no knowledge of how it works and see how many lives it would take for you to win the game fair and square. This is what God has done.
Every human being in existence is a form of God experiencing itself, trying to beat itself. This is what spirituality is. Spirituality is the road to beating the game. Without spiritual wisdom and understanding you are destined to keep dying and repeating the process of life over and over until you figure out how to beat the game. And this game never ends, it is going to continue infinitely because that is how it was made. The reason spirituality is the key, is because ultimately, spirituality will lead you to understanding that you created the game and will therefore and only at that point can you unlock the powers that the ultimate Creator obviously has access to. It’s like playing Grand Theft Auto and Until you realize you are God you never have access to the cheat codes…

This is what 7 days at Arkana has brought me to realize. Everything about the entire experience was perfect. The staff at Arkana have truly created a sanctuary and a safe haven where someone can go and find the answers to every question they have ever had. I know ayahuasca is the sacred medicine that brought about my realization but I truly feel that the environment of Arkana is what made the trip as impactful as it was. Their staff is so amazing. I have never felt as much love from strangers as what I felt with the Arkana facilitators. They are the real gems. the actual center itself is so beautiful and so secluded that it is like being in a fantasy world away from the real world. I really cant say enough about this place.

After my first trip in June of 2019 I returned 6 months later and brought my younger sister with me. The 2nd trip was even more amazing then the first. I made a commitment to myself that I would do all that I can to send everyone that I love to Arkana so they can experience what I experienced. It has been that impactful in my life. I have made the decision to travel here at minimum once yearly just to refresh and press the reset button on my life. In my opinion, this place is heaven on earth.

And by the way, I am not some hippie type spiritual nut. I am a successful entrepreneur from New York. I own two businesses and employ over 20 people. I am 28yrs old and consider myself an intellectual person who I do not give praise lightly. I am a hard person to impress because that’s just the way i am. But Arkana has literally brought me to my knees in sheer awe and amazement. I absolutely love Arkana and you will too. Peace and Blessings to you all. I wish you a safe journey! God is Great! Love. Rasean

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