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Estacion Kapitari

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Manacamiri, Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on April 22, 2019. #1 of 47 Reviews

Save your hard earned money, time, and nerves by reading this post.
This retreat is one of those you read about on the internet that is not about healin people but simply making money.
On the first meeting with the “shaman” you could say that something was out of sync, always looking at his watch like he just wanted to finish this as soon as possible and go with his bussines, and people calling him on his BIG smartphone.
He hosted the shipibo tribe TWICE during our one week retreat just to sell as much stuff as he could, which by the way are too f**king expensive for people that live in the jungle. I rembember a guy buying 2 paintings for over 600£!!! Not to mention his relatives in the Iquitos that won’t let you in peace if you don’t buy a necklance or bracelet..so it is all just one big bussines.
One day he offered us the OPTIONAL jungle tour. I was shocked because I thought that everything was included in price we payed in the beginning. Rip off!!!

Now about the ceremonies.
First night I was scared to death, drank 2 cups and nothing. Just noisia and vomiting. Next morning he said that the medicine was building up and our bodies were beeing “scanned’ for tomorrow. Ok I bought that.
Second ceremony 2 cups at once and NOTHING!!! Later on that night i drank one more..still nothing just vomiting,  crazy noisia, and a lot of dissapointment..to the point I cried my soul out because I was thinking that even mother aya wouldn’t help me..worst feeling ever..so weak, so hopeless, not only me there was other people that felt the same way..imagine..you go there to get better and come home even worse!!
Next morning at the circle meeting in maloka, people started to realize that the medicine is not working and he would just repeat that we need to accept everything and expect nothing..LOL..isn’t that perfect way of manipulating? Why the f**k did we travel thousands of miles, followed the strict diet and in the end pay him that money?? To accept everything and expect nothing??
Third ceremony, I was already hungry from the night before but I wanted to really test this last time. I did a fast on couple of slices of watermellon. Drank 3 cups at once. I was sure that I would die. Never felt sick like that night ever in my life. Trying to vomit on empty stomach and just rolling on the floor in pain. I was then 1000% sure that Don Lucho was just a jungle bussinesman.
He forbided us to see how ayahuasca was beeing cooked..big red flag…
If you want to drink ayahuasca NEVER try to go cheap way, give 5 times more money if necessary to have a good experience rather than just suffer more.
Always read the negative comments first, and don’t ever give respect to someone that didn’t deserve it.

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