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La Luna Del Amazonas

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Iquitos, Peru

Reviewed on June 27, 2019. #1 of 32 Reviews

Words cannot describe the full extent of my experience at La Luna del Amazonas but I will try nonetheless as others need to know what happens at this wonderful center. A serene one-hour boat ride from Iquitos, the largest town in the Peruvian Amazon, brought us to the nearest coast from our destination. The half hour walk from here allows you to soak in the remoteness of the location and take in the first sights and sounds of the tremendous jungle that would be our home for the following two weeks. The first sighting of the center itself features the dining area and it is just one of many public spaces open to its new residents. Our journey thus far involved brief interactions with the founder Enrique and a senior facilitator Guillermo, and right off the bat you could tell that these people had the warmest of hearts and the brightest of spirits. Further interactions only seconded that feeling, and it becomes highly evident that they are in this experience with you – one hundred percent, and they are highly keen in helping you maximize your time there. Even my fellow travellers (that included people from all over the world) could sense the positivity radiating from this center through our first contact itself, and we knew that we had to strap ourselves in for the ride of our lives. After a quick tour and a delicious lunch, we were taken to the Maloka – a beautiful temple that would house our ayahuasca ceremonies – the very heart and soul of our time at La Luna. It is a beautiful space with the amazon jungle creating an intense canopy and offering an accessible bridge between us and the inhabitants of the rainforest. Here we were oriented about our time at La Luna and were offered valuable advice about maximizing our mental energies in order to best prepare our minds for the medicine. After a brief sharing circle where we got to better understand the background of our fellow residents, we were taken to our private bungalows and allowed to rest before the welcome ceremony that evening. The bungalows are brilliantly positioned along the center, allowing each member to have their personal space but remain in reach with the rest of the troops in case of any emergencies. We took our time to take in our first stint at the amazon before making our way to meet our shamans for the first time that evening. One can mentally prepare for meeting a real shaman all they want, but the real experience seldom compares to our wildest imagation. Seeing Don Guido and Leonardo and interacting with them privately before the first ceremony was one of the most powerful interactions in my life and it is safe to say that they possessed all the knowledge that is expected from a shamanic lineage dating millenias at this point. After exchanging my intent and receiving some wise words in return, we were set to encounter mother Aya for the first time. The brew prepared at La Luna is highly authentic as it is made from Chakruna that has been grown at the center itself. The love and effort taken by the facilitators clearly transfers into the medicine as we could instantly tell that we were partaking in something other worldly. We had 8 ceremonies in total and the Ayahuascaros (shamans who exclusively deal with ayahuasca as the master plant) believe that one must work their way up into powerful experiences by gradually incrementing the doses. This allows the body to warm up to the medicine while the mind gently evolves into a higher state during the process. The wisdom of this method was not lost on me and my fellow residents as we gradually began to understand the reasoning behind this method through our personal experiences. As the ceremonies went by and we allowed our minds to quieten and our souls to open up to the vine, we began to encounter exponentially rising ceremonies, both in terms of intensity and sheer physicality. My experience at La Luna peaked during the 6th ceremony where I received the kind of visions one can only dream about, the kind that possessed the power to transform my mind and spirit and allow me to propel myself into the best possible future version of myself. Mother Aya was kind, tough but fair, compassionate, and all-knowing, and the shamans beautifully helped us integrate our visions in order to help us best navigate our path forward in our individual journeys. They were patient and keen in sharing our experiences with us after every ceremony and helped us interpret visions and memories that were sometimes hard to decipher. The center also has additional activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi sessions in order to focus the full intent of our mind and body before ceremonies. La Luna is undoubtedly that rare space that managed to find the perfect balance between having an authentic shaman, a potent brew, educated and loving facilators, and a space nestled in the bosom of mother nature herself. I walked away after two weeks with the highest level of gratitude for the center and the work being done at this unforgettable location. I have made friends for life (including the facilitators Guillermo and Korina) here and the moments we shared were the rarest and most overwhelming ones, something to cherish and learn from for the rest of my life. Thank you Enrique for making the effort to establish a beautiful center and allowing Don Guido and Leonardo to do what they do best – heal our souls and guide our spirits. I know I will return here in a year or two with my closest of friends and family as I genuinely believe that everyone needs to participate in this most ancient of ceremonies at least once in their life. If you are reading this review and are considering making the journey to La Luna, my advise to you is to take that leap of faith. You will be rewarded, just as I was, with an experience that you can be proud of, one that will enrich every atom of your being and firmly connect you to mother nature for the rest of your lives

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