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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on February 4, 2019. #1 of 39 Reviews

I completed a Blue Morpho tour in mid-January of this year and I have to echo the sentiments of others who have written reviews here. There are no words that can faithfully capture the power, beauty, and profundity of an ayahuasca experience, because it is so far beyond the reach of the mind to understand. It can only be experienced with the heart and the totality of the energy centers of the body. (That sounds like fluffy stuff, but anyone who has experienced ayahuasca knows this instinctually.)

That said, bear in mind that it is an extremely powerful plant medicine and should be experienced in the correct environment. I did a lot of research on all the different options for trying ayahuasca and I have to say I cannot be happier that I chose Blue Morpho Tours. Here are the main reasons why:

1. You will feel safer than you do in your own home. Maestro Hamilton, founder of Blue Morpho, has lived in the Amazon jungle for nearly two decades, much of that time training under Maestro Alberto, who comes from a lineage of more than seven generations of shamans, who have dedicated their lives to plant medicine. The level of their experience far surpasses that of any other shamans I’ve researched. They are prepared for all contingencies in an ayahuasca ceremony and know how to address each one most efficiently.

2. You will feel loved. The relationship between Maestro Hamilton and Maestro Alberto is born out of love, first and foremost. This relationship is at the epicenter of everything Blue Morpho represents and permeates the entire organization. Nothing about the retreat experience feels transactional. From beginning to end, every member of the staff, including the managers and assistants, radiates love (both for plant medicine and for you) and is genuinely invested in your healing and evolution as human beings. It’s important to note that an ayahuasca ceremony can be incredibly physically and psychologically challenging on many levels. At all times, someone was available to bring me a bucket, assist me to the restroom, walk me to the shower, and even wait until I’d fall asleep. I don’t think I could ask for that level of care from my own mom. 😛

3. Listening to Hamilton Souther can be liberating and transformative in and of itself. Hamilton is a very quirky soul and can come across as brusque at times, but he is an absolute sage and draws on worlds of wisdom. Listening to him speak on a variety of topics helped me to shift some of the basic assumptions that have always guided my beliefs. The latter in turn has helped me to become more non-judgmental and understand how I can heal myself through honing my connection with the universe. I have no words for my gratitude.

4. The icaros that are sung during ceremonies transported me to a different realm. Both the maestros have incredible voices that complement each other very well. I personally wasn’t expecting much from an icaros but when I heard the music in the ceremonies, it touched my spirit in ways I can’t describe.

5. This is about as authentic an experience as you can get. The Blue Morpho lodge is set in a beautiful, rustic area of Iquitos. This is a place to commune with nature in an environment where the indigenous people of Peru first began to experience the magic of ayahuasca medicine. I’ll never forget the sounds of the birds serenading me to sleep outside the ceremony house at night and waking me up the next morning.

6. If you like efficiency and time management, you can’t go wrong here. Blue Morpho has been around for nearly twenty years. For that reason, everything functions like clockwork. Breakfast and lunch are delicious and served on time. The ceremonies begin on time every evening. And yet, nothing ever feels rushed.

7. You’ll get a deeper ayahuasca experience here than anywhere else. This was the only place I could find that offered five ceremonies within a week. While the number of ceremonies doesn’t determine everything, it certainly helps. I found the first three ceremonies helpful to just get my body adjusted to the medicine, and then went a lot deeper in the final two ceremonies.

8. If you’re at all interested in having an aya experience with a company that is invested in natural resource conservation and sustainable development, Blue Morpho is the place. As Hamilton said many times during my retreat, “what’s the purpose of enlightenment if we go extinct?” Blue Morpho is developing partnerships around the world to help with research and development efforts to aid the well-being of the planet.

I hope to go back soon.

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