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Shamanic Vida

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+51 937440528

Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on October 14, 2016. #1 of 69 Reviews

Very good vibes. My ceremonies were beautiful. I did a san pedro vision quest with the shaman and an ayahuasca ceremony. The vision quest was unbelievable, I could of stopped there I felt at such peace and in total harmony with the world around me. It was set up so wonderfully, the herbs, aromas, the instruments, the guide, they know the process well of the passes our spirits go through on our way to speak with the spirits of gaia on san p. This set up kept the energy flowing with positivity and a respect for nature/earth. I really felt healing after this session and smiled ear to ear the whole day.
Then I took the ayahuasca. I went into the aya ceremony with full confidence and let the dmt take me where it was going to. The experience in itself is not explainable in one review. What I can say is how cared for and safe I felt. The icaros the shaman sang reminded me I was loved, safe and that mother aya is here with us all the time. It ended and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude for this medicine. The work they are doing is distingushed in a wonderful way.
The center is nice and simple. Comfortable rooms interesting architecture. Bring good clothes for cold weather, I forgot but one of the staff gave me a big llama sweater to wear.

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