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Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on October 27, 2018. #1 of 39 Reviews

I’ve known Blue Morpho (and Blue Morpho International) for over two years now. I’ve been on five Ayahuasca retreats and one San Pedro retreat with them. It’s very clear that I only ever wish to have such transformational experiences with Blue Morpho. They’ve created an atmosphere of safety, non-judgment, support, healing, growth and love that is extremely rare.

A few things stand out for me…

– Safety. I feel completely safe at Blue Morpho, on every level…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Since my first retreat, it was evident that I needn’t concern myself with safety while in their care. This allows me to totally focus on my experience.

– Non-judgment. They’ve achieved an environment that promotes trust, openness, genuine care, love and non-judgment. This makes me feel comfortable to open up about anything.

– Character. The Blue Morpho people are exceptional individuals. Their depth of character flows through everything at Blue Morpho. It’s rare to meet people who are as authentic, honest, committed and supportive. They are totally focused on helping people to heal, grow, explore and learn. And, they do this with complete integrity, love, humility, kindness, strength and wisdom.

– Experience. They possess so much collective expertise in this domain…and all the wisdom that comes with it. In challenging moments, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be guiding and supporting me through whatever I’m going through.

– Support. There’s a strong emphasis on having a lot of support on hand. It’s comforting to know that experienced people are always available to provide as much focused attention as anyone desires.

– Pragmatic. It’s clear that Blue Morpho has fine-tuned the guest experience over many years. The Blue Morpho people are all former long-time guests. They know what everyone is going through. They’ve put so much care into every detail…even practical day-to-day things. This attention to detail brings me even more confidence in Blue Morpho.

Their expertise, wisdom, strength, love and humility radiates through the entire experience at Blue Morpho (and Blue Morpho International). I am deeply grateful for being able to share part of my journey with such beautiful people.

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