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Shamanic Vida

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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on September 29, 2019. #1 of 69 Reviews

Hi my names Pete I did the 11 day retreat at Shamanic Vida between the 29 August and 8th September, this place is like heaven on earth the shaman pacco is the coolest wisest guy you will most likely ever meet in your lifetime and Chrissy his wife is like an earth bound Angel with the staff of little angels looking after all that are drawn there for their own reasons, I personally have tunnel vision and the staff helped me whenever required and keep me safe, everybody that was on my retreat were friendly and you could see they all benefited from the retreat in their own ways, in my Ayahuasca sessions they all ended the same with the same face every time, that of a young Thai lady named DOW not that I dares to tell her did not know how, she was on the same retreat who as me and was like my own Angel all ways their too make sure I was safe and there for any support at the right time, she had the nicest soul I have ever come to meet
(shame she was married perfect wife material)
But don’t know how the marriage was as I would of liked to stay in contact with dow .
Should you ever read this my email address is if you should like to stay in contact or if Chrissy or Pacco could pass my email address on for me to dow I might find out why she was always in my visions and get conclusion to the mystery.
Thanks for the life changing experience you all gave me

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