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Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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Spirit Vine, Itacare, BA, Brazil

Reviewed on June 17, 2019. #1 of 159 Reviews

Writing a review for Spirit Vine is a bit tricky as there are so many positive points and I am at loss where to begin… May be by saying that if you are reading this review and considering going to Spirit Vine know that you are doing the right thing and need to look no further. That is, if your interests are into self-growth, self-understanding and self-acceptance!!! Otherwise then may be stay clear! The well thought off workshops carried out before the ceremonies and super well managed by Silvia set the tone for the evening ceremonies. To me these were (although difficult at times) primordial before the taking of the plant. Know that going to Spirit Vine, you will be in the safe hands of a ‘solid’ woman who doesn’t take any non sense and always put you on the right path. As mentioned by others she is very insightful and with her psychotherapy background is able to make sense of what was originally inaccessible and makes it more accessible. Yet, it’s not only Silvia it is Ti O too, this combined team work magically, completing one another. I only have praise for their sense of professionalism, care and support. This experience has left me very humbled, grounded and in more acceptance of my self and my inner child. I have learned few tools on how to be kinder to my inner child and can only thanks these 2 wonderful people for their help in that matter. Now there are so much more to be said about their extended team, Noor and their wonderful cook along with all their cleaning stuff. We were so well looked after, on so many different levels. Again as mentioned by other reviewers the food was unbelievable, the bungalows super clean, the set up of the place is like paradise on earth. I wish i could have stayed longer and not come back to full scale reality! I will definitely by back, just hope Silvia and Ti O would keep at it for many more years to come! In the mean times I only have praises and thanks.

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