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Spirit Plant Journeys

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Sacred Valley, Peru

Reviewed on January 12, 2020. #1 of 87 Reviews

My retreat with Spirit Plant Journeys was amazing, and indescribable on so many levels , but i will try and convey some of the highlights . The centre is wonderful , staff so caring , like family ! I was the oldest in the group of 8 , I consciously did not go with any burning issues , physical , mental ,or otherwise, just a deep immersion into That which i am . Each medicine took me deeper into the great MYSTERY ,guided by Mother Ayahuasca and our beloved Shaman , Orfelinda .who is so amazing ! The first ceremony took me deep into the complex world of vision , energy and phenomena dancing in such freedom ! Eyes open or closed , it was such a full experience . Second ceremony I asked Mother Ayahuasca to please slow every thing down a little , so that I could enjoy and be with what was appearing , as it was so complex and multi layered . This she did , so perfectly . the second night it felt like old buried issues came to the surface to be looked at, and worked on . Each ceremony took me deeper and the 4th to new levels . I asked for the experience of a fully open heart , not knowing what that may look like or require from me . I might add hear that each night I only had a small amount of medicine .As I entered the ayahuasca world my body felt like butter on a hot day ,wanting to take me into a liquid state , and mind flowing into neverland . But immediately Mother Ayahuaska said clearly to me , remember what you asked for ? ” Know this , The radiant Heart never sleeps ! don’t go unconscious ! ” This was to be the theme of this magical night. For the next 5 hrs I stayed fully aware and conscious , sitting up for most of the night , eyes open, many great Masters visited me , and if I drifted for even a few seconds they would remind me of my intent, and speak the words ” the radiant heart never sleeps “. This is what its like to have a fully open heart. To not be side tracked , to not wander with the meanderings of the mind. Life happens anyway , practical mind does its job . stay close the Heart , this is your home . This was my journey and understandings { changes } have stayed with me. I would most certainly go back . Paul

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