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Shamanic Vida

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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on June 5, 2018. #1 of 69 Reviews

Hello everyone!

I recently returned from my 6 day stay at Shamanic Vida. I had never been to Peru before and I was very nervous once my plane landed. However as soon as I arrived to the center and met Chrissy and Paco all that went away. Their warm and loving energy just beamed out from them and made me feel instantly comfortable. The place is so cozy and has the most breath taking views. I took so many pictures but the pictures just can not capture the intense beautiful nature that surrounds the retreat center. There is a short walk to a town and an even shorter walk to a super cute restaurant with WiFi. The rooms were very clean and well kept, and the beds were fairly comfortable. I felt like I had the comforts of home and my own space during my stay. I never felt unsafe or uncared for at all while I was there.

Now let me tell you about the ceremonies. During my stay I participated in 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies and 1 San Pedro Ceremony. The Ayahuasca ceremonies where not what I expected, they were so much more beautiful than expected. My 1st Aya ceremony there was mostly getting reacquainted with the medicine. However my 2nd ceremony was so incredibly transformative. It was quick and I actually got to see Paco’s magic at work. I was able to sit up and watch what an amazing Shaman he is. I was in awe! Everything that he does to prepare for an Icaro is like that of a Shaman who has been doing this for 50 years. Simply Amazing!! The SP ceremony was wonderful and beautiful. We went on a walk and sat by the nearby river and Paco played Guitar and Flute and we all just hung out and enjoyed each other company. It was the perfect addition to all the inner work that was happening during the Aya Ceremonies. After each ceremony we had an short (or long) meeting with Chrissy and Paco to integrate our experience. They would have spent an hour or more with each person if they needed it. The love and care they put into each person to help them with their experience is just beautiful!

My life has forever been changed by my stay at Shamanic Vida! I feel that I have made lifelong friendships with Paco and Chrissy and will definitely return to their center again some day (hopefully soon)! I will be recommending this center to anyone and everyone I come across that is interested in participating in Ceremonies in The Sacred Valley of Cusco!

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