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Sapan Inka Retreat Center

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Sacre Valley, Cusco, Perú

Reviewed on March 4, 2020. #1 of 91 Reviews

I had a an amazing experience at Sapan Inka with the hosts Erik and Nilda who were so warm and lovely since the moment we walked into the retreat center. I had some visa issues and had to postpone my tour which they understood and kept an empty spot for the next batch. I had decided to participate in a 5 day Ayahuasca and San Pedro (huachuma) retreat which included 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 Pandora Star light session, 1 San Pedro ceremony with Pachamama ritual and a hike to the Inca tombs on the nearby hill ending with a sound healing session. Number of participants is limited to 5 people in a batch and this really helps as it enables Erik to conduct a one on one session with each individual.
This was my first Ayahuasca experience and it has really made a deep impact in my life. I feel relaxed and grateful for everything this nature provides.Content and Light headed.
I would like to describe my first Ayahuasca session as an introduction into the magical world of visions followed by my second Ayahuasca session as a journey through higher dimensions. The way Erik and Nilda set up things beginning with individual assessments to guidance through the ceremonies without interfering your personal space is commendable. Their approach to this ancient technique is in a modern scientific way.
The San Pedro ceremony provides a deeper understanding of visions from the Ayahuasca followed by a clarity in thoughts which left me in awe.
The property is beautiful and located in a peaceful and relaxing place. The sound of water from small fountain inside the premises itself provides a deep relaxing meditating experience throughout the day during preparation for the ceremony in evening.
The house is clean, tidy and always feels fresh.
The food is simple yet delicious and Nilda really has magic in her hands.
The cute little dog (Negra) is a special character in the house and interacting with her is a therapy on its own.
I had an overall amazing experience at Sapan Inka and would recommend it to everyone and would definitely participate again in the near future.

Paresh (India)

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