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Hummingbird Healing Center

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Varillal, Peru

Reviewed on July 21, 2019. #1 of 21 Reviews

Hummingbird Healing Centre

I am a traditional shaman having served under 3 masters over a 14 year apprenticeship culminating in my first initiation – a 10 day ordeal in the Simpson Desert of Australia. I am a teacher of Shamanism and have around 35 graduates, with students coming from all over the world – even as far as Turkey!

In 2013 I decided it was time to acquaint myself with plant medicine. I researched the subject and found Ayahuasca (feminine deity) standing out, followed by Huachuma – San Pedro (masculine deity). With both deities in mind, combined with my intuition I decided upon Hummingbird in Iquitos, Peru. My research also uncovered that Ayahuasca was originally used to initiate shaman – which absolutely confirmed my journey with the Madre (Mother Ayahuasca).
It is now July 2019 and I have just completed my fourth visit to Hummingbird. A second shamanic apprentice has now been initiated by Aya. What has been wonderful is the way in which Ayahuasca has worked hand-in-glove with the shamanic initiation process. A blessing to all concerned.

I am passionate about Hummingbird for the following reasons:

1. The Medicine – it is has been my experience that both Ayahuasca and Huachuma are profound medicines, as well as teachers.
2. Jim and Gina – are the owners of Hummingbird. They run a tight professional retreat with the highest client care standards. Safety is paramount and the feminine are afforded the highest respect.
3. Manain – is the traditional Peruvian Ayahuascero. He has more than 40 years experience with plant medicine and has worked at Hummingbird since 2013. He holds the ceremony, sings the Icaros and is the ever present sentinel if you are having a dark-night-of-the soul.
4. Hummingbird – a magnificent secure acreage in the midst of the Amazon Rain Forest. The Tambo’s (accommodation) are excellent with a daily laundry service provided. The food is fresh, well prepared and in abundance.

I will be back again with my next shamanic apprentice for initiation by Aya in 2021.

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