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Cusco, Peru

Reviewed on December 28, 2014. #1 of 20 Reviews

Ayar and Laura are the real deal. So many travelers come through Peru looking for a sacred experience and end up getting conned by some charlatan that calls themselves a Shaman; its becoming a really big problem. Because of this tourist frenzy, now people hear about Ayahuasca and think its about sitting in a room with 100 people and getting high. That my friends, is not the Medicine, that is something, but it’s not the real deal. Ayar is one of the only true Shaman’s in the Sacred Valley. Ayar and his wife Laura hardly advertise except through testimonials like this, its not easy to find them, they are humble and reserved and will only take you on as a client if they feel you are a worthy candidate for their teachings (i.e.: open, honest, willing to learn and be teachable, respectful, and truly respectful of the medicine and its power), once you’re accepted as a student of Ayar and Laura’s, you’re in a whole other ball game. It’s a truly life changing experience to study with them. I’ve sent many friends to them and they have sent their friends and so on. The experience you will have with Ayar and Laura is unparalleled and I cannot speak highly enough of them and their dedication to the medicine and it’s teachings. People seek them out from all over the world. You’ll have to experience it yourself to understand what I’m talking about. Safe travels.

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