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Lentag, Ecuador

Reviewed on October 15, 2016. #1 of 72 Reviews

I showed up in Vilcabamba February (2016). I think I did 3 family days around Steve’s.

They’re ceremony’s really, but “family. days” is what we used to call them. Family days” because that’s what they felt like.

They were on Sundays, 10am (ish) start, which obviously gave them a Sunday feel.

That I found to be the perfect time. San Pedro tends to last quite a long time compared to Aye, so I prefer daytime because it takes fatigue out of the equation, as well as I think allowing a closer connection to Nature.

###Whoops Minor Insight### – While in psychedelic journeying mode, daytime is more inclined towards feeling and night time seeing. Feeling nature and seeing visions. The reverse of when you’re at ground control when daytime is for seeing and nigh time is definitely more inclined to feeling.

Anyway, I like the daytime ceremony’s especially for longer journeys.

Which Steve facilitates with aplomb. It’s all about how you feel. And he made me feel safe.

So I knew, that if (which actually turned out to be when) things get a little ropey, then I knew it was just stuff I brought to the table. Which is what it’s all about really.
You’ve got to purge the layers of psychic detritus before you can fly like an Eagle. (See what I did there, I wrote that totally by accident, it’s like jamming with words)

Then Jane would give us a fruit salad about 2pm. Or rainbow soup as Steph called it.
Which did dance upon the tongue and tickle the nostrils with playful adorn.
(I don’t even know what adorn is, but I’m sure I felt it)
“I am smell” was Steph’s conclusion.

The fruit tends to give you another lift, although gentler with more glide.

And Wez. Wow Wez, the apprentice. Probably 20 years my junior. But after his journeying skills, guided me through a bumpy ride I called him my Big Bro. Thanx Wez, Respect !

Then towards the end, just when you’re starting to feel your stomach, the kitchen starts smelling ssswweet !! And it’s Soup nd tea time. Dinner is served just at the correct time to ground you nicely with digestive juices.
Just like any other Sunday really.

### Minor Insight 2 ###
It doesn’t matter how far you travel, you’re always home. (I remember having that insight with these guys on a ceremony day)

And even though you’re not supposed to, and they wouldn’t let you anyway, you feel like helping tidy up, do the dishes or something. Cos that’s what it was, it was family day.

It had been a long time since I’d connected with that, which was definitely part of the joy and quite likely part of the healing too. I felt like I belonged, just for a bit or like I could be naked. Not physically, but literally, in every other sense of the word.

Then after dinner entertainment. Yet still more fun to be had. A nice family game of cards. Angel Cards. Pick a card. Then someone reads the interpretation to you.

I remember one of my 2 cards of one evening was “Connect to your power”. Which was also my spoken intention at the beginning of the ceremony. Word for word.

Speachless is a state that occurs when far too many words are scrambling for use of the vocal chords !

Steve and the rest of the house rolled their eye’s. “Happens all the time”. Apparently.

I wasn’t staying there. but I was welcome for the evening and breakfast too. I remember deciding to sleep in the garden. Lying on a matt. Gazing up in wonderment at the almost full moon dancing with the clouds and feeling lucky, grateful and connected.

Trippy Sundays isn’t the only trick up Steve’s sleeve though.
He’s got a Rodeo up there. But one thing he did for me that I wasn’t expecting on a ground control day was a very powerful and effective childhood baggage removal technique It probably only took an hour two but it’s had lasting effects and really helps bring things into perspective.

As you’ve probably guessed I highly recommend Steve. However the only thing I can guarentee is that your experience will be different to mine.
The locations changed from the a beautiful garden at the very edge of town to a more rural, idillic spot up river beside the mountains.

But the perfectly named Squiggles the dog hopefully will be.

I could go on for hours but at the end of the day, this is my conclusion.

Plant Medicine Journeys are like going surfing. You could have the ride of your life. Or you could take a few on the head. Steve Eagle Sewel is a bloody good Life Guard. But when exploring your own consciousness, you always surf alone.

Aho Sisters nd Brothers

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