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Eagle Condor Alliance – Colombia

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Reviewed on November 23, 2017. #1 of 110 Reviews

It is very difficult to put into words the impact that a Ayahuasca and San Pedro experience can have on ones life. I expect that it is extremely different for everyone and that no two experiences are alike. I also cant think of the appropriate words to use to describe any part of my experience with the medicines and I don’t want to try in fear of being disrespectful or diminishing how absolutely profound the medicine is. I dont think our language has the words to describe such things. So I’ll stick to what I can describe.

The medicine is extremely potent and although I have had no past experience with Ayahuasca my experience was so profound that it will stay with me a lifetime. Even now, three weeks after my experience with Eagle Condor, I continue to have extremely strong visions and messages that stem directly from the medicine.

The facilitators and healers were exemplary in regards to their approach to the retreat. I prefer to call them all teachers because thats what they all are. Exceptionally caring, remarkably knowledgeable, highly approachable, strong when required and thoroughly professional. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire crew involved with Eagle Condor.

The food was wonderful and colourful and plenty. And the grounds were beautiful and peaceful and special.

The attention to detail in all regards with absolutely everything was an unexpected touch that I so greatly appreciated. Little things like flowers and crystals next to my bed and flowers in the sweat lodge. Too many things to mention but these special little details made a remarkable experience even more special.

I strongly feel my journey with Ayahuasca has just begun. In fact I know this. For me, the desire in a spiritual sense to see more and learn more is overwhelming. And Id like to think that perhaps it would be fun to do it somewhere else but I dont think I will. I will head back and join the beautiful souls at Eagle Condor and take their incredibly strong and profound medicine in the very special environment they have created because it is very difficult to beat a perfect experience.

Thank you Eagle Condor xxxx

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