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São Bento, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reviewed on September 4, 2019. #1 of 8 Reviews

Whoever is reading this now: You Found Your Place. Look no further.
Many are on a daily search for the meaning, meeting many gurus on the way, many shamans, healers, priests, witches, ‘messengers of god’, whoever they are called. Once you meet Norberto & Millie, you never leave. Amongst the majority of spiritually opened people, Norberto modestly calls himself as a Facilitator. And he is a true Facilitator for your own light to shine upon your life and for you to become a shaman of your own reality. This is the widom which runs through every detail in the world of TerraMaya.
Norberto has a heart of gold. So much kindness, softness, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and adequacy. You can share a great laugh as much as confide in deepest sorrow. You can really fully trust him. And his other half Millie is a very strong, beautiful, magnificent woman who walks bare feet most of the time in the jungle. She is also a professional musician, playing so many instruments. The quality of the sound is top-notch, sometimes using technologies & stereo speakers around to bring the music even deeper into your psyche.
TerraMaya is a very interesting place. You feel instantly safe, even though the location is quite remote and private. Here you can really scream. Norberto managed to combine an authentic off-grid leaving with some notes of jungle-style-comfort. You have your own hut with one wall made of glass, your private compostable toilet and a shower with a (wait for it..) … hot tub with a burner to warm the water. All solar panels charged. Norberto surely has the style.
Surroundings form your very own, large attraction park. Waterfalls minutes away, spring water creek, mini ponds, unexplored caves (go there! they are called ‘unexplored’ for a reason), mountains with an absolutely epic natural monument Peito do Pombo and a full-on show of our MilkyWay ring.
If you happen to attend one of Norberto&Millie’ workshops: the quality of ayahuasca is very high and Norberto knows how to really serve it in the best way by ‘building up’ your experience gradually. Even as an experienced aya lover, you will appreciate the grace of Norberto’s works.
It’s all the combination of high quality, safety, attention to details, organization, nourishing&elaborate food, music, and so much real love, this is what makes TerraMaya a place you come once and never leave.

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