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Rainforest Healing Center

Listed in Ayahuasca, Kambo

Iquitos Peru

Reviewed on October 31, 2017. #1 of 48 Reviews

RHC is more than just a healing center for me. It became my home and its people also became my family.

My other half and I stayed there for 2 months; volunteering for six weeks and 10 days retreat with mother Ayahuasca.
I truly received more than what I expected.

The jungle, the place itself is beyond words in describing its beauty. Clean air, lush green scenery and everything that the jungle offers really detach oneself from the chaos from the modern world and assist its visitors in deep journey within.

Once I stepped into the place, I could feel its vibration instantly. The high vibrations of the jungle really put me into state of healing from physical to etheric bodies. Not only that it assists me in healing within, it also allows me to expand beyond my limits.

My healing process in the jungle started straight after I decided to visit RHC. It was and still a deep journey. Nothing was easy but the hard work you put into the jungle and yourself as a being that walks upon one’s healing and ascension path; the process and lessons are priceless.

The tambos (huts) are catered for quiet meditative and inner reflections. Enjoy the early morning with fresh air and shower from a natural stream which is constantly purified by up to hundreds of medicinal plants in the compound. My skin felt fresher and smoother, as well as my aura feel clean and lighter as well.

The medicines that RHC offers really gave me a good kick in releasing what was hidden deep within me. From Ajo Shasa, Sapo to Mother Ayaahuasca; every spirits within those medicine still stay with me until today.

RHC cares for its place, people and guest. Everything in RHC will put you into place of healing, deep reflections and self – empowerment.

My Ayahuasca ceremonies were beyond words. The beauty and love that the facilitators provided. I felt safe all the way through my retreat.

Just like many reviews, I strongly recommend RHC for those who seek for a safe and loving place with authentic Amazon Jungle vibrations, deep healing journey and expansion on one’s spiritual state of being.

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